Monday, April 27, 2009

Santiago Stays In Milwaukee

From the Business Journal (emphasis mine):

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee chancellor Carlos Santiago passed up an opportunity to get a hefty raise at Florida International University because he believes he can have a greater impact in Milwaukee.

Santiago, who withdrew Saturday from the running to become the next president of FIU in Miami at the last minute, made his comments in a letter to his UWM colleagues released by the university Monday.

"Exploration is what we do every day at research universities like UW-Milwaukee," Santiago said in the letter. "Over the past several days, I was searching for answers about my own future by exploring the presidency at Florida International University. In the end, I decided I can make the biggest difference in service to others at this time by remaining right here at UWM."

The biggest difference is of course actually having the job, which he has in Milwaukee, but didn't have the votes to get one in Florida.

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