Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mad Hatters Unite!

It is interesting as I try to catch up on all the recent events regarding tomorrow's professionally organized collection of "grassroots" protesters.

The first thing I've noticed is that a large number of people who have been pumping the event suddenly won't make it themselves. Now, I am sure a lot of them are legitimate. Lord knows I miss more things than I actually get to do due to work restrictions, family emergencies and the such. I wonder what the actual turnout will be and if we will ever know for sure. If ten people show up, the right wing media will report 100 and the bloggers will report 1,000.

Another thing I've noticed is that they are already making excuses for the bad behavior of the more extreme of their group. As we have seen during the elections of last year, there are too many people that oppose President Obama and his policies just because he isn't a white man. We all know that not everyone at these events tomorrow is a racist, but I bet most racists will be part of these events. Some, like Kathy Carpenter, are already making excuses for them.

Even more bizarre is Freedom Eden who is already blaming their bad actors on ACORN. Is there nothing they won't blame on this group?

Glenn Beck is adding to his legacy of insanity. Chris Walker notes that Beck now wants to also secede from the country. As they used to tell us, if they don't like it, then they can leave it. I hear that there are a lot of theocracies in the Middle East that share similar attitudes.

A worthwhile read on the whole tea party tempest is from Dan Cody:

Remember how a certain member of a certain female country band was treated several years ago for making the simple point that she was “ashamed” he claimed to be from her home State?

They were all labeled traitors. There music was “banned” from the airwaves. There were Orwellian “CD burnings” held across the Country. They were in short, ostracized for being critical of a sitting President.

Amazing the difference a few years makes. Many of the same people, and the same cable TV “news” network to be sure, are now openly calling for “revolution” and trying to evoke the sentiment (local County Executives may want to note the spelling) of the American Revolution because they think their taxes are too high.

And finally, if you get bored reading about how great the right wingers think they are for yowling about whatever it is (have they decided on a topic yet?), you can play a little game I invented:

Take the list of people that are supposed to be speaking at the Madison tempest and try to match them up with the signs that some guy told Cindy Kilkenny he will be supplying the mad hatters. BTW, my favorite sign:

Congress is Revolting – So are We

ADDENDUM: When are the tea parties outside of We Energies, who wants to raise rates by 10% while their CEO brings home millions of dollars, even with a voluntary "pay cut?" That's a lot more money and more outrageous than the tax issue.


  1. Thank you for not using "teabagging" and "Julaine Appling" in the same sentence.

  2. I suppose iT will hide behind the use-mention distinction for his own self-defeating comment...

  3. Thanks for the plug, man. I was just thinking of linking this post from my blog, and then I see my name there! Anyway...I will be at the tea party in Madison today, with my camera. If I can figure out how to make videos on my computer (still learning) I will post them to my blog. So keep an eye out for that!

    These teabaggers are ridiculous, and they need to be held accountable for their actions. Keep on blogging, we'll talk in the future I'm sure.


  4. "We all know that not everyone at these events tomorrow is a racist, but I bet most racists will be part of these events"
    What a bunch of bullshit.

  5. I can only wonder where the goon squad with their body armor and tear gas are vacationing this week, when one considers the preemptive actions taken during the RNC last summer and the severity of the charges laid down on these eight individuals.

    These wingnuts should have been arrested in their homes and motel rooms prior to even getting near the streets.

    If you visit, "Freedom Eden," don't post any comment that asks Mary WTF point she is actually trying to prove or even hint that you disagree with her profuse illogic and endless ranting. You might end up like me and be, "banished from the garden." No free (dissenting) speech is being allowed over there.

  6. Hate is an ugly thing.

    Talking about you...

  7. Wow, you hate me? You don't even know me. Talk about irrational.