Friday, April 24, 2009

Get Help If You Need It

This article from the Leader-Telegram caught my eye today. It is about how more and more people in the Chippewa Falls area are seeking professional counseling. The reason? The crappy economy:

Ahmed, a psychiatrist, sees patients at Marshfield Clinic in Eau Claire and at Sacred Heart Hospital. He is seeing a sharp increase in people coming through the doors with mental health concerns. Ahmed said the economy is having a direct effect on mental health issues.

"For the last two or three years, the number is increasing," Ahmed said. "But in the last two or three months, we are seeing a lot more."

Between 40 and 60 percent of the patients checking into Sacred Heart Hospital's mental commitment area are experiencing financial difficulties, he said.

With unemployment in the area hovering around 9 percent - and higher in Chippewa and Rusk counties - Ahmed said some people struggle emotionally and mentally after they are laid off.

"It's a blow to the self-esteem, especially for people who put the building blocks of their life on their success," he said.

If more people did this, maybe we wouldn't be seeing all of the senseless tragedies like this story or this story.

If you live in the Milwaukee area, and you are feeling stressed out, whether due to money problems or something else, and wanting to hurt yourself or anyone else, call the 257-7222 for the Milwaukee County Crisis Line or call 911 immediately.


  1. How utterly stupid and insensitive. A serious post about people so freaked that they are killing their families and themselves, and you go political.

    Stop being such an idiot.

  2. or, it may have something to do with chippewa falls itself. remember when woody allen went there to meet annie hall's family?

  3. Anonymous, with all the times you visit this site each day, one would think you would actually take the time to read.