Sunday, November 15, 2015

Aaron Rodgers Denounces Bigoted Fan

At each NFL football game on Sunday, there was a moment of silence for the people of France who suffered an unimaginable terrorist attack.

Unfortunately, some jerk at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, took the opportunity to prove to the world what an ass he is by yelling an anti-Muslim statement. (Said fool either shouted "Muslim sucks" or "F*ck the Muslims," depending on which account you listen to.

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who came off the field after losing another heartbreaking (for Packer fans anyway) loss, still had the wherewithal and class to denounce the fan who yelled that:
"I must admit I was very disappointed with whoever the fan was that made a comment that was very inappropriate during the moment of silence," Rodgers said. "It's that kind of prejudicial ideology that puts us in the position we're in today as a world."
Sad to say, it wouldn't be surprising if Rodgers experiences some blow back for this comment, given the exceptionally base and crass right wingers that keep coming out of the woodwork in Wisconsin.

I will openly admit that I am not really a big Rodgers fan, but I will say that he displayed a lot of class in that statement. Now if only he would get his head on straight during the games...