Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Most Ironic Thing You'll See Today And Maybe Forever

Boss Abele is running scared.

Facing a tough, grassroots, true progressive opponent in Chris Larson, and having alienated so many people in Milwaukee County, Abele is beside himself with what to do.
And things will only get worse for Abele when and if he ever announces his education privatization czar.

Furthering his problems is that Abele has proven himself to be a gaffe machine, claiming that he is "helping" the African American community by improving the House of Correction, increasing child support and pretending to expanding mental health services.  He has yet to apologize for saying that blacks are all crazy criminals with illegitimate children.

Things have gotten so bad for Abele that his handlers - Tia "I've never won a race" Torhorst and Mike Tate, the disgraced former DPW head - have kept him away from the public as much as possible.

Abele has resorted to trying to buy the election by handing out bribes, er, checks to various groups in an effort to win them over.  He has also flooded the airwaves with the same ad.  And now, months before the primary election, he has sent out two very large, four page, full color, glossy ads in the past week.

It's all an obvious effort to try to soften the blow for when he does announce his education privatization czar and his plans to take public schools and give them to his profiteering pals.

But the mailer that arrived at many Milwaukee homes on Wednesday was perhaps the most ironic and hypocritical thing that I have ever seen - and after dealing with Scott Walker for the past 14 years, that says a lot.  Here is the cover of said mailer:

"The special interests and insiders owned Milwaukee County. One person is helping people to take it back." - Chris Abele

Y'know, that takes a lot of nerve for Abele to make that claim.

This is coming from the guy who refused to come to the County Board's public budget hearing and has willfully failed to appear before the board's Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee seven times (or is it eight now?).  I wonder how Abele thinks that refusing to listen to the people, much less explain how he is spending taxpayer money is helping people take back their government.

This is coming from a guy who paid off Republican state legislators in order to have them pass a bill that concentrated power into his hand. The only thing Abele forgot was to formally change his title from county executive to county emperor.

And that wasn't enough for Abele!

He went back time and time again (every time he didn't get his way), in order to get even more power.  These included creation of his "Mental Health Board" - a non-elected panel of political appointees with taxing authority and the ability to sell any county assets other than parks to anyone he wants without needing to take bids, without any say so from the board and with no input from the public.

And let us not forget that Abele made the push to start the privatization of Milwaukee Public Schools.  He just announced that his new privatization czar is a guy from the exurbs.  Interestingly, both Abele and his new czar admit it's a sham position and is only temporary, making it obvious that the selection is more about political showmanship than an actual desire to improve the schools.

Abele pretends to make a stink about "special interests" and loves to say that "he can't be bought."

The fact is that Abele IS the special interest and is doing the buying - except for now when he is trying to sell us a load of crap.

Now, who does that remind you of?


  1. You all are gonna be in for a big shock when he wins 70/30...again. ; )

  2. Not going to happen! The people have had it with elected officials who have sold themselves to special interests and have left the people sitting at the curb. In 2016 the sentiment will be to put people before political party and public need before political party greed and the effort will be to throw them all out and elect someone who will not be bought !!!