Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sheriff Clarke Writes His Own Rules

By Jeff Simpson

As Republican front runner Donald Trump says "We are a country of laws".

Even a simpleton like Scott Walker gets that.  He knows that since he has a hard time following the laws, he did the next best thing - changed them so he did not have to follow them anymore.

How ever Milwaukee Countys favorite fake cowboy and Justice Rebecca Bradley's top supporter, Sheriff David Clarke, has decided his job is to enforce some laws but not abide by them.

Taxpayer funded Sheriff David Clarke, taking time away from appearing on Fox News,  could not be bothered to park his taxpayer funded SUV on the taxpayer funded street where instead, he parked in the taxpayer funded handicap parking spot.   However there is no story here because Clarke ordered a taxpayer funded police Captain to go park his SUV for him.  The Captain was not aware that he was the Sheriff's personal valet so the SUV never was moved.

Sheriff Clarke though knows this was wrong and will immediately begin an internal investigation into why someone would not follow an order to wait on him.   To our freinds at RightWisconsin, do not worry, Clarke's entitlement is still intact.

As for our gentle readers who are saying to themselves - "Wait I would get a hefty ticket to pay".

Again, Clarke addressed that problem:

When I came out of the Veterans Day event and noticed the vehicle still there and found out that my order was not followed, I ordered a county citation be written on the vehicle. Citation # 755472.
I paid the fine of $35 and since the city parking fine exceeded that ($200) I made a personal donation to an organization that works with the disabled.  That $235 total exceeds the city parking violation. I would rather the money go to a private org working with the disabled than to government. I have copies of all receipts.
I am sure that next time you or I receive a ticket, we can just pay the same amount to any private charity of our choice, no questions asked.  

Who can blame Sheriff Clarke anyway, why would he want any of his hard earned money to go to the Government, it is not like he benefits from it!

Watch these pages for the next event in Milwaukee when they give away free horses.  I wonder if Sheriff Clarke is related to Craig T. Nelson?  


  1. Reading comprehension a problem, Jeff.
    He didn't park the car you big dummy, his aide did and the aide didn't following Clarke's order.
    Go back to 1st grade and learn how to read.

  2. "...and the aide didn't following Clarke's order."

    I feel smarter already.

  3. As far as reading comprehension is concerned, Clarke noted in his own statement the vehicle was never moved, implying he had parked it there in the first place.

  4. This is reminiscent of Clarke's handling of the incident where he attempted to help an inebriated driver stuck in the snow on a highway exit ramp. When a deputy arrived and proceeded to handle the situation as her job duties dictated, the Sheriff got mad because she made him look like an incompetent fool who was derailed the in his duty to protect the public from an impaired motorist. Clarke's solution was to investigate the deputy and try to ruin her career. Some things never change.

    This self-serving, self-aggrandizing narcissist needs to be removed from public office.

    1. CORRECTION: ...who was derelict in his duty...

      [although derailed is an apt description of Clarke, as well]

  5. And Tommy the Poser shooting his mouth off pn.the tragedy in France and how the GOP should play.

    Strangely, he never has anything to say about community outreach or anything else that could improve law enforcement duties and relations with communuties in Milwaukee County. Funny that