Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Flag Of Terror

By Jeff Simpson

Here is Right wing Domestic Terrorist Bob Dear in all of his glory:

credit: facebook

This was Glenn Grothman's office door before he was given a promotion by the people of West Bend:

Arizona State Sen. Ron Gould, R-Lake Havasu City:

Wisconsin Tea Party Rally when Sarah Palin came to Madison:

Wisconsin Tea Party Profile pic:

A Paul Ryan Campaign Rally:

epa03364259 A protester flies the American and a Gadsden flag outside West Springfield High School prior to a campaign rally featuring Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan in Springfield, Virginia USA 17 August 2012.  Ryan attended a rally outside of Richmond, Virginia earlier in the day before coming to Northern Virginia where polls have the race with President Barack Obama in a near tie.  EPA/Shawn Thew Stock Photo

Jimmy Wigderson blogs about his love of the Gadsden Flag:

Would it help WisPolitics to maintain their independence if we sent them the Gadsden flag?

Then there was the incidence when a couple shot two police officers in the back and draped their dead bodies in the Gadsden flag.

On June 8, 2014, Jerad Dwain Miller, 31, and his wife Amanda Woodruff Miller, 22, entered a Las Vegas pizzeria and without any provocation or warning, shot and killed two police officers sitting in a booth eating lunch.  The pair dragged the officers to the floor, took their weapons and ammunition, and draped a yellow (Gadsden) flag over one of the bodies.  They placed a swastika-stamped manifesto on top of the flag, and pinned a note on the other officer’s body that read, “This is the start of the revolution.”
Then there is this from White Right Wisconsin:

Let us be perfectly clear.  This is NOT a flag of the Revolution, it has now become the flag of the White Power, Right Wing "Christian" terrorists in The United States!  

Be wary when you see one.

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  1. Thanks for pulling that all together. The bigger picture is shocking, for sure.