Thursday, November 5, 2015

Walker Likes Kicking People When They're Down

When Scott Walker was running for governor of Wisconsin in 2010, he pledged that he would create 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term. He barely made it halfway to meeting that pledge, and that was mostly because of the policies of his predecessor and from the national recovery headed by President Barack Obama.

In other words, Walker's record of job creation is worse than if he had nothing at all.

In 2015, Walker and his fellow corporate sockpuppet Republicans have trashed the state's economy so badly that by June, the number of layoffs had exceeded all of those in 2014. Currently, the number of layoffs for the year is around the 10,000 mark.

In just the past few days, it was announced that Target is closing two stores in the state because they were losing so much money. Also, Joy Global and BouMatic announced closing operations leading to another 110 layoffs.

But the big blow came on Tuesday when Kraft Heinz announced they were closing their Madison plant, which will cause 1,000 layoffs and the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy.

Facing these mounting job losses, what do Walker and the Republicans do? Do they turn their focus on boosting the economy and turning around this downward spiral? Do they prepare for the coming flood of unemployment claims and applications for financial aid?

Don't be ridiculous!

They hurry up to get ready to shame those people loosing their jobs and unable to find any of the nonexistent jobs!

Walker announced on Tuesday that he approved an executive order to start drug testing the poor and the unemployed, even though it will assuredly lead to an expensive court battle and even if he wins, will still cost taxpayers exponentially more than it could possibly save.

Not to be outdone, the Republicans in the state legislature are hurrying through a bill to require a photo ID on food stamp cards. Showing what spendthrifts they really are, the Republican proposal will cost taxpayers upwards of $7 million, people will not be able to use the photo ID for voting purposes.

Walker might have lost his chance to wreak havoc on Washington and the country, but he's gonna wreak havoc on something, dammit!


  1. Capper--beautiful. Exactly what I wanted to say. May I link/quote?


  3. Is there any chance that we could have the members of the State Senate and Assembly drug and alcohol tested?

    Take a breath test after lunch.

    If these people are under the influence of alcohol while they are supposed to be conducting State business we should not be paying them.

  4. Hey cap, sorry I'm late to the discussion but you forgot to tell us what Wisconsin's unemployment rate was for Sept. Oh ya, lowest in 14 years.