Monday, November 30, 2015

Scott Walker - Welfare King

By Jeff Simpson

Everyone in Wisconsin knows that Scott Walker decided earlier in the year to run for President but failed miserably.  After wasting about ten weeks and $7 million dollars, Walker crawled back to Wisconsin with his tail between his legs and tried to actually earn his pay for a change.

What most Wisconsinites do not know however, is that Scott Walker owes the people of Wisconsin at least $70,000 and probably more (which he promises he will pay at some point).   This is on top of the tens of thousands of dollars he has ran up on his personal credit cards by mismanaging his own money as poorly as he has ours.

While most people, when they owe a debt, do their best to cover it by making sacrifices until they can pay their bills.   Making $144,423 with Cadillac benefits and numerous perks, you would think some intelligent budgeting and a couple months of sacrifice, the debts could be paid down quickly.

One thing we have learned in the last four 6 years, is that Scott Walker is NOT like most people.

First he decided that he had no interest in paying the bill he ran up back,  and he needed the donors he has done so many favors for to pay it off instead.

  "[A]s things changed dramatically in the presidential race, 'Walker for America' incurred a campaign debt and it is my hope that you and all of our supporters will chip in and make an online contribution," Walker wrote in an e-mail to supporters. "It is a lot to ask, I know, but we feel personally obligated to make sure that every small business that extended us their good faith and credit is repaid."Walker wrote that he wants to "end our presidential race on a positive note with all of the bills paid" and asked for donations ranging from $25 to $1,000 to "erase every penny of outstanding debt from our campaign together."

Yes, it is still cheaper than building a wall around Canada, but still to expensive for many of his donors as his asking for a hand out was pretty unsuccessful and Mr, Walker and his family still owe the Wisconsin taxpayers a good chunk of money.

While many people would fore go their wants and desires to pay off the debt, Mr. Walker again proves he is not most people by flaunting it.

What has Mr. Walker been up to instead of paying us all back?

Now that he took ten weeks off of his job, and worked for a couple weeks, is now entitled to even more vacation to deer hunt(which he also massively failed at).

The on Thanksgiving night, he took the family to the Bear/Packer game where tickets were going for a minimum of $400/ticket.   A $2000 minimum trip.

Then while totally proving that he has no interest in really governing Wisconsin, has accepted the position of second fiddle  vice chairin the Republican Governors Association(even they know he has no leadership qualities).

As we say here, But wait, there's more!

Scott Walker has also told us that now that he is no longer pursuing his own selfish ambitions and come back to Wisconsin, that his top priority will be doing the job he was elected, and we pay him to do - Govern WI.

Sorry just kidding,

Scott Walker's top priority will be helping to find work and training for the thousands of Wisconsinites upended by the closings of Oscar Mayer, Johnson Controls, GE Healthcare and others who are fleeing the state.

Umm no not that either.

It is actually being a good fiscal conservative and paying back the massive debt he owes Wisconsin taxpayers.  

Not so much.  

Scott Walkers top priority in the next year will be to help get Senator Ron Johnson re-elected.

You can not make this stuff up.

Wisconsin better not be counting on the money that Scott Walker owes us.  Paying your debts is for the peasants not the ruling class.

Here is Mr. Walker explaining how to skim from the church collection plate.


One last side note that bears watching is, like Jimmy Fallon has been rumored to have problems handling the stress of his new gig, Scott Walker could be collapsing under the pressure of realizing that the whole countries base of voters thoroughly rejected him and now he has to face the consequences of 3 straight austerity budgets and is not able to handle that challenge.  Scott Walker took a tumble while lighting the Governor's Mansion Christmas tree with a bunch of children.

Finally, he led the crowd in counting down from 10 to the tree lighting. After the tree lit up, he suddenly fell. The crowd hushed.
He’s been “nipping at the eggnog a little bit, feeling festive,” Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett joked as she took the microphone to help smooth over the gaffe.
We know that Mr. Walker likes to drink, and thanks to Ms Klett we know that he was imbibing,this story is one that we will be watching over the next few months.

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  1. I say he should have part of his wages garnished until the state is paid back. That's what happens to the good citizens of Wisconsin who do not pay their bills.

  2. He's scheduled to be the guest at the Milwaukee Jewish Federation's menorah lighting next week. Maybe he shouldn't press his luck- will probably get dizzy when the dreidel spins. Better keep an eye on the Chanukah gelt!

    1. They INVITED him? I couldn't imagine why, but here is some advice. Do NOT give him any lit candles!

  3. Will he lead the toast at the Milwaukee Jewish Federation? 'Molotov!'

  4. Great piece. But: How do we know that Scott Walker spent that two grand out of his own pocket (or by putting it on his overburdened personal credit card)? Maybe some kindly though anonymous corporate campaign supporter footed the bill, pulling out a wad of dark money.