Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Mike Tate Watch

Chris Larson vs Chris Abele

By Jeff Simpson 

Watching the Milwaukee County Executive race between current exec Chris Abele and State Senator Chris Larson will be interesting.  

Chris Abele, hired former Wisconsin Democratic Party head Mike Tate to help run his re-election campaign.  

Mike Tate who caused controversy in the last Gubernatorial election, by dismissing Kathleen Vinehout's initial plan to run for Governor by focusing on small donations, and not going after the big donors that many political insiders feel are necessary to winning elections.  

"The reality is that while we will never have as much money as Scott Walker it is not realistic to believe you can defeat him without running a serious, professional campaign that raises enough money to get the Democratic message out,” Tate said in a statement. “The stakes are too high for our families that are struggling under Scott Walkers policies for anyone to attempt a bid for Governor that will not and cannot raise the money needed to run a grassroots campaign that can communicate with voters at their door, via television, direct mail and the Internet. Modern times require modern campaigns."
Unfortunately for the people of Wisconsin, an unfortunate auto accident helped change our history.  

Now Mike Tate has hitched his wagons to what seems would be a candidate right up his alley.  A corporate right of center "Democrat" who has unlimited funds.  

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele brags that he will pay for his own re-election campaign.
Just look for the Brink's armored truck to pull up any second.

Records show that Abele has already bought $336,495 worth of airtimeon six Milwaukee-area TV stations since Oct. 26. His ads also are all over social media, especially Facebook. And his campaign has sent out at least three slick mailers to voters in the county.

Abele's campaign released two more TV spots on Tuesday, the first on thenew Milwaukee Bucks arena and the other on local bus service, and sent out a new flier as well. Even more direct mail will be on its way soon

 Throw in a five-member campaign staff, polling and consultants — former Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tateamong them — and Abele looks like he could spend as much as $1 million by the end of the year.
The guy who feels that the best way to "fix" our public schools, is to privatize them making no one accountable to the community, is willing to spend one million dollars to bury his opponent a year before the election.

Here is some quick advice to Mr. Abele, give the million dollars to the Milwaukee Public Schools and appoint Dr. Means as a volunteer to your campaign.  Everyone wins.
It will be interesting to see how clean Mike Tate runs a clean race or smears and misleads in his advertisements the way big money tends to do in elections.

  Remember, Chris Larson has always endorsed Mike Tate for chair when he ran, so it will be interesting to see what kind of loyalty Mike Tate shows his old friend.    

For me personally, I see it as a race between someone who likes to work with(and donate too) the extremist Republicans to gain more power(the undemocratic takeover of the Milwaukee County Board and local schools), versus a politician who perpetually gave in to the extremist Republicans(Larson led the way in giving our public education money to the Milwaukee Bucks Billioanire owners).  

Since the last two County Execs have stolen us blind anyway, I would take a long look at Joe Klein from the Pirate Party.  


  1. For people in the base being a Democrat has some particular set of meanings. To these folks its just a career or more like fantasy football. Its wins and losses with no larger goal beyond the election.

  2. Arguably the central theme of the County Executive debate should be democracy. Pirate Parties are democratic parties. When money becomes central to getting elected, then democracy dies. Each Abele mailer and TV ad is another chunk out of the foundation of democracy. When media fails to cover challenges from outside the system, democracy withers and dies. Democracy is the cure for aristocracy, but then the people need to realize the rich and the professional political class are the aristocracy ... that we the people need to resist the aristocracy in order to establish government by and for the people.

  3. Somehow, collective memories of Milwaukee's generations of clean government by Zeidlers and other Sewer Socialists might rise to the surface. Bernie Sanders is gaining supporters by saying One-Percenters like Abele cannot take it all--that enough is enough.

    Last time around, Abele's real politics were unknown and he snuck into office within a Trojan Horse. Now that people can plainly view his Walker-Lite agenda, he'll have to use Orwellian double-speak to the max and other white-washing tactics, as displayed in all his ads. Yes, money is no object, but his LGBT base may be the only people--left or right--who Abele has not aggravated by his policies and public-asset giveaways.

  4. Mike Tate getting ANY 'message out' is laughable.

  5. I recently saw an Abele ad in which a student praised Abele for keeping bus fees low. UW-Milwaukee students get issued UPASS. It's part of the fees they pay in tuition. My question is: why is this student paying for bus rides when every student is issued a UPASS? Looks like a pants on fire ad. Larson if he's smart will jump all over this. If Tate advised Abele to run this ad, Tate just gave his boy Larson a good burger to bite from.

    1. Yep, it's total bullshit. UPass is included in fees, and Abell refuses to demand a dedicated funding source for transit. Larson should hammer it as a bigger point on Abele's dishonesty