Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Schraa Has a Gun And Is Not Afraid To Use It!

By Jeff Simpson

WI Assembly Rep. Michael Schraa really really likes his guns.

Not understanding how Government works, Schraa has sponsored a bill that says WI does not have to follow any gun control laws passed nationally.

When Senator Fred Risser tried to ban guns in the Capitol, Mr. Schraa had this to say:

"Apparently Sen. Risser thinks that law-abiding citizens that work in or visit the Capitol can't be trusted with protecting themselves," Rep. Michael Schraa, R-town of Algoma, said in a statement. "I guess Sen. Risser wants those in the Capitol to be completely defenseless."

Apparently Mr. Schraa feels that if you do not have a gun, you are "completely defenseless".

Mr. Schraa has a warped and amateurish world view, which is why his latest escapade with guns is not a surprise.

Members of Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort,were recently at the Capitol talking to some legislators about enacting some common sense gun laws and a couple of them visited Mr. Schraa.

The couple was visiting the office of state Rep. Michael Schraa, R-Town of Algoma, on behalf of theWisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, when they say he showed them the 9-millimeter pistol he carries in his right pants pocket, as well his concealed carry permit, said Jeri Bonavia, the group's executive director.
"They clarified that he did not do it in a threatening way, but they were uncomfortable and didn't think it was an OK thing to do," Bonavia said.
In typical Wisconsin Republican fashion, Mr. Schraa took no responsibility and denied doing it:

Schraa admitted he showed the couple his permit but denied showing the firearm, as first reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
"If the incident had actually happened and the people felt threatened, doesn't it make sense that they would have said something immediately or left the office if they felt scared?" Schraa said in a statement to Oshkosh Northwestern Media. 
As we all know the best way to avoid a crazed shooter is to just get up and walk out.  Most Crazed shooters ask people to leave if they want to before they start shooting.   Talk about divorced from reality!  

While Schraa, the supposed responsible gun owner, denies showing the gun, the couple who he showed it too, were able to identify everything about it and where it was.  Schraa also used one of his staffers as defense, saying he would back up his story.   The staffer, who is employed by Schraa, had this to say:

Schraa said that one of his legislative staffers, Trevor Ford, was present during the couple's visit and could back up his story.

In two separate short interviews, Ford said that he was seated about 4 to 6 feet away from Schraa during the couple's visit. But he said that he didn't have a good view because of his computer monitor and the elderly couple.

"I can't give an answer one way or the other," Ford said when asked if Schraa removed his holstered pistol from his pocket.
Schraa's witness is not one, the couple knows everything about the gun and their story has not strayed.  
Is that what we call being a responsible gun owner in Wisconsin?   Showing your gun to people who want to end gun violence?  What was Mr. Schraa implying by showing his gun?   How is Mr. Schraa fit to serve in public service?

Let's hope the voters of Oshkosh send Mr. Schraa a message that integrity , ethics and the ability not to turn to guns as a first and only defense, is not only wrong for Madison,  but also Wisconsin  


  1. Northeast Wisconsin is missing one of their village idiots but he can be found in the Capitol....just look for the guy with the bulge in his front right pocket.

  2. My job has taken me to all parts of Milwaukee including the inner city and not once have I ever felt threatened (lived here over 30 years). Schraa is a nitwit.

    Funny thing: I have some life friends whom I've known for over 45 years...all as liberal as they come. They all live in smaller towns in Wisconsin and have not spent appreciable time in Milwaukee. I still get asked about the warzone in Milwaukee and whether it is safe.

    So, where does this absurd fear come from?

  3. cousin has lived on the line between Harlem and upper manhattan since 1971. never been a victim of crime...gets kind of pissey when people ask him why he isn’t afraid to live in NYC without a gun.