Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Infestation of the Democratic Party

By Jeff Simpson

It was brought to my attention today, that two long time Democratic party insiders are now working with an extreme right wing organization.  

John Jacobson( who worked for Mandela Barnes and helped others campaign) and Brandon Savage, (who has worked forvarious Democratic campaigns), have hung up their Democratic party badges and decided to throw in with a right wing organizatuon trying to destroy our schools amongst other things.
The Organization is called Wisconsin Property Taxpayers Incorporated.  

While you might not have heard of WPTI, our politicians have as they lead all firms in lobbying time.
In order to save you time and headaches, we picked a few gems from their website and newsletter.

 Through all of the cuts and changes our schools have gone through the past 6 years, many of them supported by WPT

Under additional help and resources

 Wisconsin Family Action
(WFA) focuses on issues that impact Wisconsin’s traditional families.www.wifamilyaction.org

Right Wisconsin
For intelligent commentary and analysis of political and daily events.www.rightwisconsin.com

Under their agenda:

Restore Bargaining Limits For All Public Employees
Last session, the Legislature entirely removed the caps on school employee salary and benefit increases and allowed state mediators to ignore the taxpayers' ability to pay in wage/benefit settlements. WPT will aggressively encourage the Legislature to enact legislation that will prohibit state mediators from awarding wage/benefit increases that exceed the taxpayers’ ability to pay in the future.

Mining Law Reform
WPT urges the Legislature to reform the metallurgic mining law to create jobs –more than 1,000 at the mine, in transportation and mining related industrial equipment jobs throughout the state, generate $Billions in revenue for state and local governments - and protect the environment.

Even advocating the punish the poor on SNAP benefits bills:

As I mentioned above, the State Legislature will debate a pair of bills on Tuesday that would eliminate potential fraud in Wisconsin's FoodShare Program.

One of the bills would limit the number of replacement cards that a benefit recipient receives in one year, and the other proposal would require a photo ID on "Quest Cards."

Nearly 900,000 Wisconsinites receive just over $1 billion in benefits.

The kicker for the "Voice of Wisconsin Property Taxpayers" is they lobbied IN FAVOR of the steve nASS bring back racist high school logo's bill.    Nothing helps lower property taxes more than making fun of Native Americans.

How do you run a campaign for a Progressive candidate and then come and work for such an organization?  I guess the answer is simple.  Not very well.    

My question is if you feel the attack on teachers and public education was so good, how do you volunteer on the campaign of one of the biggest defenders of public education?  When she loses by a handful of votes, was that because someone who would so quickly jump ship was helping to sabotage the campaign?  What was promised with that?  

This comes on the heels of many of the former Democratic Party power structure quitting and heading to work for union busting, fake Democrat Chris Abele.  

If the Democratic party is infested with people who are just check cashers and have no principles, there is no wonder that in a few short years we turned the state from blue to extremist red.   How many others working in the party, for electeds or in campaigns would be so willing to run to the opposite side for a paycheck?    Is there any vetting process in Democratic circles for hiring?  

It is impossible to get a message of a better future than the Republicans sold to the people of WI when the people getting the message out do not believe it.  


  1. Ive been writing about this very problem here in Manitowoc County for years now. I always thought it was a local problem. Apparently not.
    Democrats like to talk about unity but without unity of purpose its all just a sick joke.

  2. A good lawyer represents clients both guilty and innocent. The same is true of political consultants. The process of running a political campaign is the same, regardless of the candidate's orientation. Your job is to run campaigns, not judge candidates.

  3. I disagree because I think you need passion to be truly succesful and its hard to have passion when you disagree fundamentally with the candidate.

    Secondly, lets say you are true, who in WI has run an awe inspiring successful campaign in the last 6 years?

  4. The DPW under Tate was a complete clusterf*ck. We knew that.

    The rats are seeing the writing on the wall and leaving, and I hope the door hits them on the a** on the way out.

    1. I dont really think so. There are people who have chosen politics as their profession and see the whole thing as a game of manipulation.
      We as voters make assumptions about them by their political affiliation that is too often not deserved. I know I used to do that and I was wrong!
      Its kind of like truth in labeling. People need to know whats in the can in order to make an informed choice.
      Consider that the first thing Republicans did was to purge the "RINOs" from their midst. Conventional wisdom says that this thins the ranks and leads to defeat. Only it doesnt. It leads to what Sun Tzu called "Uniformity of purpose" which he said would lead to decades of success. What have we seen in recent political history but Republicans winning everywhere?
      We cannot have that uniformity of purpose unless we start a similar purge.