Monday, November 30, 2015

Scooter The Red-Nosed Weasel

Image courtesy of Blue Gal aka Fran

Poor Scott Walker.

First he falls in the polls. Then he falls out of the presidential race. Now he falls on his arse at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony:
Gov. Scott Walker made his annual Christmas tree lighting event more eventful than in past years by taking an unexpected tumble in front of the Executive Residence on Sunday.

Earlier, the governor had asked the children in the crowd to yell for Santa, who then made a surprise visit.

“Looks like you had a little turkey for Thanksgiving there, Santa,” Walker quipped. He then invited the children to sing Jingle Bells.

Guests were given candles as they came in, and before the tree was lit, Walker encouraged them to light their candles without catching anyone on fire.

Finally, he led the crowd in counting down from 10 to the tree lighting. After the tree lit up, he suddenly fell. The crowd hushed.

He’s been “nipping at the eggnog a little bit, feeling festive,” Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett joked as she took the microphone to help smooth over the gaffe.
You can't really blame Walker if he has been hitting the egg nog pretty hard.

He's got tens of thousands of dollars in personal debt on high interest credit cards. His former presidential campaign is a million dollars in the hole. His poll numbers have hit rock bottom and staying there. And he's got his lieutenant governor, Becky "Blinky" Kleefisch and the Speaker of the Assembly, Robin "Popcorn Balls" Vos, both measuring the windows in the governor's office for new drapes in 2018. He can't go anywhere in public without being jeered and booed.

And now he embarrasses himself again. But don't worry, he didn't really fall on his butt. We would have heard about the brain concussion by now if he had.

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