Monday, March 7, 2016

Abele Said Bradley Was "Compassionate About People"

As the gentle reader is surely aware, our friends at One Wisconsin Now uncovered some writings by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley, in which she spewed derision on "queers," drug addicts and other victims of AIDS.  Clearly this in not the attitude of someone who should be in any public office and especially not the highest court in the state.

This is not the only time Bradley has been exposed as a bigot.  Remember that she also worked hard with various groups, including the Federalist Society, to promote voter suppression, target young minorities.

And as I have pointed out in the past, Milwaukee County Executor, er, Executive Chris "Boss" Abele had endorsed Bradley when she was running for reelection as a circuit court judge three years ago.

Not only did Abele endorse her, but his statement regarding the endorsement should leave one wondering about his own judgment and temperament (emphasis mine):
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has endorsed Judge Rebecca Bradley for Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge. While her opponent runs divisive political ads, Judge Bradley is drawing support from people all across the political spectrum because she is running a campaign committed to serving the Milwaukee community and not partisan interests.

“I have known Judge Bradley for many years, and I know that she is deeply committed to the Milwaukee community and public service,” said County Executive Abele. “She left a successful legal practice for the Milwaukee County bench because she wanted to give back to the community where she was born and raised. Judge Bradley has developed a reputation among her judicial colleagues and the attorneys who appear before her as an excellent judge with a respectful judicial temperament. I am proud to support Judge Bradley because she is compassionate about people and is making a positive impact on our community in Children’s Court. I am also proud of her commitment to a clean campaign, devoid of misleading attack ads, which show disrespect for the office and have no place in our judicial elections.”

Judge Bradley commented, “I am pleased to have the support of County Executive Abele. It is heartening that he and others recognize my commitment to the Milwaukee community. I will continue to stay positive and focus on the facts in my campaign.”
Given that Abele states that he had known Bradley for several years, surely, he must have picked up on her bigotry. Yet he still endorsed her and said that she was "compassionate about people."  One could conceivably say that her bigotry and hatred were very passionate but no one should call it compassionate.

Then again, if that is the type of attitude that he approves of in others, it could go a long way to explain why he has done the damage to the county and wants to do more.

Seriously, it does put a strong question on Abele's own values and shows that he is not fit to be county executive just as Bradley is not fit to sit on the bench at any level.


  1. Walker is also claiming he was not aware of her views. Yet weren't they at Marquette together?
    And he was obviously aware of the publication because he destroyed copies of the paper when it printed something he didnt like.
    Selective political amnesia...

  2. No, not together. He ran into trouble at Marquette 14 years before she did :-) But they sure travel in the same circles.

  3. she lives literally around the corner from walker...

  4. Bradley & Walker - Overlapping semesters at Marquette, per new piece by Scott Bauer of AP: