Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The GOP Slams Our Veterans

By Jeff Simpson 

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee was busy tweeting about how horrible the Democrats are and then felt the need to end this tweet.   Which of course was quickly deleted like it never happened, yet not a single apology.    

For those that do not know, Ms. Duckworth is a Democrat who is currently a Congressman and running for the Senate in IL.   Ms. Duckworth also is a veteran who paid a very heavy price for her country.  

Shows you exactly what the Republican party thinks of veterans that do not follow along the hard red party lines.  It also shows how little they really care about anything but being in power.



  1. Step 1: Spew hatred.

    Step 2: Think.

    Step 3: Cover up.

    1. Step 3 begins by

      1. Claiming to be "sorry if anyone took offense."

      2. Play victim when people call it out as a non-pology.

      3. Ask "why are you still talking about this. Let it go!"

    2. Quite right.

      Republicans only apoligize when they get caught.

      Getting caught is the only thing that they are ever sorry about.

      Right or wrong doesn't matter, it is getting caught that makes them sorry.

      When will Wisconsin wake up?