Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Torturous Campaign Of Rebecca Bradley

By Jeff Simpson

We have seen Rebecca Bradleys hatefilled screeds, that she wrote and had published in college.   She is desperately scrambling to distance herself from them but unfortunately she keeps digging.  

In an attempt to show her as a non partisan jurist, she tapped  noted homophobe and bigot Sheriff David Clarke because he falsely has a D after his name.

The problem is Sheriff Clarke likes to talk alot.   When he taks he spews his own version of hatred and ignorance.   Today, after the terrorist bombings in Brussels, Sheriff Clarke pulled over in a handicap parking spot just long enough to tweet out that if only the Brussels officials broken international law they could have stopped the bombing.

  User Actions Had Brussels officials questioning terrorist Salah Abdeslam used waterboarding technique they may have learned of the latest attacks sooner.

Which puts him right in sync with The Donald! 

Apparently the Sheriff does not know that Waterboarding is torture and it is illegal.   

Nevermind the fact that it does not work.

I wonder if anyone in the press will have enough courage to ask Ms. Bradley if she also condones breaking international laws to torture people who might be terrorists,  



  1. I see the Supreme Court election as a barometer for this state. Are people sick and tired of Walker and his cronyism? We'll see. If, after all the disqualifying characteristics of Rebecca Bradley that have become known, she gets elected, I will give up all hope of Wisconsin *ever* recovering.

    1. Interesting take mark. I had not thought about it that way but agree with you.

  2. Clarke reminds me of Hermann Goering for his love of outlandish looking uniforms. That hat he wears is straight out of "Walker: Texas Ranger." What a prima donna.