Monday, March 14, 2016

The Bradley Scramble

By Jeff Simpson

By now, everyone in Wisconsin has heard about the hate speech op-eds of a young Rebecca Bradley.  
When Ms. Bradley was at Marquette, she had such strong hatred of the LGBQT community and almost as strong a hatred towards Democrats.


Ms. Bradley's heart and sould appear to be as empty as her calendar!  

Scott walker has a habit of hiring people for strictly partisan purposes and not caring too muchof their background.   He has been burned over and over(Dennis Smith for instance) for that but continues to do so.    Because vetting or rresearch was not part of the process, when One Wisconsin Now found these revolting op-eds, the right wing echo chamber was unprepared to defend her.  

Her good friend Vicki Mckenna tried to throw the reputation of Beloit College under the bus to save her but was unsuccessful.  

Vicki Pyzimski was not alone in poor attempts to justify the indefensible.  

This, from Rick Esenberg the well paid leader of the Bradley funded Wisconsin Institute Law and Liberty, was disgusted with the press for running with the story.  

Esenberg defended her and argued the race has become too focused on the politics of "personal destruction" rather than comparing judicial philosophies.
"This is one of the most vile and disgusting attack campaigns against anybody that I've seen in Wisconsin politics," Esenberg said.
Obviously Mr. Esenberg has a very very very short memory.  See Mr. Esenberg was one of the people who continually pushed the long debunked story that Mary Burke was fired from the company her family owned in 1993(one year after Bradley's hate speech).  The Journal Sentinel, actually practicing journalsim, realized that the one person making the 23 year old claim was head of the Jefferson County Republican party and also a lover of Swatikas.


Gary Ellerman, who was fired from Trek, had this on his facebook page comparing our President to Hitler and then, out of the blue, a couple weeks before the election, magically remembered that Mary Burke was "fired"from her family's company in 1993.  No respectable newspaper could possibly run with the obvious smear job.   Mr. Eseneberg not only did not get the memo he refused to let it die.   

I don't know if the story about Mary Burke is accurate. I am sure that a dime store sexual politics won't help us answer the question.
Normally, I'd prefer a campaign limited to issues. But the Democrats have chosen to run someone for Governor whose resume, regardless of whether she was forced out in 1993, is astonishingly thin. To bolster the absence of a record , she has made claims about her long ago tenure at Trek that cannot be verified. Under those circumstances, this story matters and it can't be dismissed by attacking those who tell it.

For thsoe of you scoring at home, lets review.....   A local republican chairman, who was fired from Trek himself, suddenly remembered(amazingly a couple weeks before the election) that in 1993 Mary Burke was fired from the company she owned.  The word of one incredibly unreliable source, about in event that might or might not have happened in 1993 and that was very important to the election for Governor.  

Now we have the ACTUAL words of a Supreme Court Justice in 1992 that were full of hate and ignorance, and we know she also carried on an extramarital affair AND represented the man she was dating in court(while not illegal, highly unethical) and reporting on the ACTUAL documented events and facts of MS. Bradley's career is a "vile and disgusting attack".  

The Republicans need for power is all consuming too them!  

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  1. She must in some way be related to Walker....they both carry that same smirk that sends the message..."you are unimportant in our scheme of things!".............and you are a bump in the road that will be driven over.