Sunday, March 20, 2016

The GOP Enjoys Trump Rallies!

By Jeff Simpson

We brought you the story of,  in your face racism that is prevalent in the Republican party, especially where the GOP Presidential sweepstakes is concerned.

As we know, there is always more.   While the obnoxiousness and absurdity of the candidates has empowered the dregs of society to feel comfortable talking and committing violent acts.

I wonder why they would feel that they could attack someone that did not look like them.

In the next few weeks you will hear of an attempt at a coup by the Republican powers that be, where they will try and derail the Donald and subvert the will of their base.  

Republican leaders adamantly opposed to Donald J. Trump’s candidacy are preparing a 100-day campaign to deny him the presidential nomination, starting with an aggressive battle in Wisconsin’s April 5 primary and extending into the summer, with a delegate-by-delegate lobbying effort that would cast Mr. Trump as a calamitous choice for the general election.
Recognizing that Mr. Trump has seized a formidable advantage in the race, they say that an effort to block him would rely on an array of desperation measures, the political equivalent of guerrilla fighting.
The group who whined about the uncertainty that was created by the recall are now planning to completely upend the electoral process of the primaries and create massive uncertainty within the Presidential primary process.  Anything to make sure the billionaires stay in power.  

While the Republican establishment hates Trump and is very worried about losing their grip as owners of the Republican nominee, they do appreciate the fact that his supporters like to physically abuse people who disagree,

Thiessen concedes that Trump’s egging on of the people in his crowds, including the promise to pay their legal fees, is “highly irresponsible” — but it’s just so invigorating to see it: “His supporters see a man who stands up for himself and believe he won’t let the United States get pushed around either.”
Yes, Trump’s call for a Muslim ban, his spewing of conspiracies theories about 9/11 and Iraq, his embrace of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Middle East dictators, and his calls for protesters to be “roughed up” are all repulsive. But for many Americans, the left’s smash-mouth tactics are repulsive as well.
Trump understands this, which is why he is milking the protests to his advantage. He is using them to rally blue-collar America by saying we’re not going to take this anymore — we are not going to bow to the Alinskyite tactics of the radical left.

Yes, your memory is not playing tricks on you.  You have heard of Marc Thiessen before, he is responsible for this literary nightmare!

One would think that when your resume consists of writing speeches for the President who gave the worst speeches in History and ghostwriting a fictional autobiography of one of the worst  and most easily intimidated Governors in history would disqualify you from being taken seriously in politics again but this is crazy season.

In case you are wondering where does Walker fall in the battle between the GOP and the Donald?  Exactly where you would expect him too - playing both sides.

The governor said the field became a little clearer after Tuesday’s contests, but no decision has been made yet. “Clearly sometime between now and the presidential preference primary…I’ll let people know if I’m going to endorse or not,” Walker said during a stop in Green Bay earlier this week.
Walker himself dropped out of the race last September. While he did not mention Donald Trump by name at the time, he encouraged other candidates to also exit so the Republican Party could establish another front runner in the race.
Apparently, even though Walker spent 71 days and $7 Million dollars hanging out with these guys, he still needs more time to see who he can endorse that will further his own blind ambition.  

Finally as for Trump, now that he sees that the GOP establishment has set their sites on making him go away, he feels empowered to ramp up the hateful rhetoric....

During a Saturday rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump made his supporters grand promises of how “we are going to win”. Amongst these promises was an ominous threat. Shouting over the crowd’s cheers, Trump yelled:
“We’re going to win with our Second Amendment. We’re gonna win big league with our Second Amendment!”
You can watch the unbelievable moment below, where Trump delights his gun-loving fanatics:

I truly believe that unless an adult steps in to the room and puts his/her foot down this is going to escalate into a conclusion where people get hurt.  Who is going to be the adult in the room for the GOP?  

What a horrible time in our History!  

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