Friday, March 4, 2016

Bradley's Bungles

By Jeff Simpson 

Here at CogDis, we have been bringing you the story of how Republican Supreme Court Nominee Rebecca Bradley is an empty suit and is being pushed to the Supreme Court to do Walker's bidding, and not because of her qualifications.  

As we have seen over time, the Supreme Court holds more power than anyone and its imperative that it stop being a dysfunctioning den full of Michael Grebe's employees ordered to give Scott Walker cover.  

The thing about Ms. Bradley is it is so obvious that she is strictly a Walker crony that we could write a story everyday about what she did that day to flash her incompetence.  

For instance we know that she feels its ok to lie in her campaign advertisements.  As the Wisconsin Republicans so often do, Ms. Bradley realized if she can get away with lying in her campaign ads, why not turn it up a notch.   Now her campaign has been push polling people in this race.

For those that do not know what a push poll is,   Wikipedia says a “push poll is a form of telemarketing-based propaganda and rumor mongering” and is an attempt “to influence or alter the view of voters under the guise of conducting a poll.”    

For example, the George W Bush campaign used a push poll when they were competing gainst John McCain.  They called people and said "would you vote for John McCain if you knew he was the father of bastard children(his children were adopted)?"   See they ask a hypothetical as if it is true to put doubt in voters minds.  Its a despicable practice and one perfected by the Republican slime machine.    

Secondly, there is Ms. Bradley's performance itself.   In the first case she heard, she had no problem ruling against the defendant, despite the fact that she was not on the court to hear the original arguments.   
Justice Rebecca Bradley's first decision on a case since joining the Wisconsin Supreme Court in October has created a little buzz -- and she didn't even write an opinion.
Bradley's tie-breaking vote in a 4-3 ruling that broadly interpreted a doctrine that lets police use evidence seized without a warrant has come under fire from the defendant who would otherwise have won the case.
Charles Matalonis contends Bradley's vote violated his rights to due process and equal protection, and left the appearance that Bradley was biased toward law enforcement groups who are backing her current campaign for election to the job.
Earlier, the state Court of Appeals had agreed to suppress evidence - a marijuana plant - that Kenosha police found after entering Matalonis' locked bedroom without a search warrant.  A 3-3 tie on the high court would have affirmed that ruling.
Bradley wasn't on the court when it heard oral argument in the case, and she had abstained from several other decisions the court issued on cases heard before her appointment Oct. 9, to replace Justice Patrick Crooks, who died Sept. 21.
But she formed a majority to reverse the prior ruling on Matalonis, on the grounds that police were not investigating a crime when they discovered the plant, but were exercising a "community caretaker" function, making sure no injured person was inside the room. They had followed a blood trail to Matalonis' house after his brother, who had clearly been beaten, arrived at a neighbor's house.

That decision was so successful, that Ms. Bradley now feels she does not have to be there for any of the arguments as she took off in the middle of one recently to go affirm to the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce that she will rule however she is told to rule!  

MADISON, Wis. -Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley left oral arguments in a pending case before they had concluded so she could give a speech to the state chamber of commerce, a group that's spent heavily in past court elections in favor of conservative candidates.

Ms. Bradley only makes $147,403/yr with Cadillac Benefits, you can not expect her to do her job with such paltry pay.   Besides the Republicans have made it clear to her that she is there to serve them not us!    

If this frustrates someone who feels the rule of law should trumo a political ideology, then I would recommend going to see Ms. Bradley at one of her campaign appearances.  It will cost you though, because the best place to find her would be at a Republican Legislator fundraiser.   

Here is Scott Walker pulling her strings at a press conference.    

For the Good of Wisconsin and the Future for our children, lets elect someone who takes the law seriously and is not beholden to extreme ideology - Vote Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg!   

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  1. Tells you what she thinks her REAL job and constituents are- WMC and other RW oligarchs.