Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Wit And Wisdom From Rebecca Bradley

Scott Walker's hand-picked political appointee to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Rebecca Bradley, had a bad start to her week when it was revealed that she had written some very hateful comments as a student at Marquette University. Bradley had penned that she had no sympathy for "queers" or "degenerate" drug addicts or anyone else who had AIDS.

Her week has since turned into a horrible, no-good, godawful, horrendous week from hell.

It turns out that with Bradley, just like her friend, Walker, there's more. There's always more.

In another article by Bradley, she argued in favor of personhood and compared abortion to slavery and to the Holocaust:
"I recall a time in history when blacks were treated as something less than human for convenience and financial reasons. I recall a time in history when Jews were treated as non-humans and tortured and murdered. Now, at this point in our sad history, we are perpetrating similar slaughter, only we are killing babies," Bradley wrote in a 1992 column for the Marquette Tribune.
Unlike her comments regarding homosexuals and drug addicts, she cannot back peddle from this. She wrote another column in 2006 repeating similar arguments in favor of allowing pharmacists to deny birth control pills.

It was also revealed this week that Bradley sympathized with Camille Paglia, who had blamed rape victims for the crimes committed against them. On top of that, Bradley had a few choice words about feminists which revealed just how deep her hate goes:
"I intend to expose the feminist movement as largely composed of angry, militant, man-hating lesbians who abhor the traditional family," Bradley wrote, arguing that the feminist movement had been hijacked by the political left, abandoning its role as a defender of women's rights.
Well, gee, isn't that the writing of a well-balanced, impartial judge to be?

So what does Walker have to say now that all this crap is coming out about his hand-picked political appointee who is trying to get elected to a full ten-year term on April 5?

Not a helluva lot:
Speaking Tuesday, GOP Gov. Scott Walker said many people make mistakes in their youth and declined to say whether he would have appointed her to the state's highest court had he known of her anti-gay statements.

Walker said Tuesday that Bradley's 1992 views did not reflect those of young conservative activists, like himself, at the time but declined to condemn them.

"I think a good chunk of society probably has different views than they did in college," he said.
Walker later said that they had thoroughly vetted Bradley and that her judicial writings were just fine. I'm sure it didn't take them long since Bradley has only been a judge for the last three years, after Walker appointed her to circuit court. She spent even less time on the appellate court before Walker promoted her for the third time.

What the mainstream press hasn't caught on to yet, at least not publicly, is that Walker has painted himself into a corner.

If they did indeed do a thorough vetting of Bradley, Walker knew about these writings and her deep-seated and irrational hate and was just dandy with it.

On the other hand, the only other choice is that Walker did not thoroughly vet Bradley and only promoted her for her ideology, meaning he was indeed looking to load the Supreme Court with his cronies to cover his butt, say for a John Doe investigation.


  1. She appears even far more nasty than Walker and if elected she is in a power position to punish all who do not share her ideology.

  2. Oh...but there;s more...there’s always more,lol

  3. "Scott Walker said many people make mistakes in their youth"

    Sure. Tell that to Joshua Inglett.

  4. Back PEDAL not peddle. Sheesh!

    1. While you are technically correct, the Bradley folks are also doing some bigtime peddling of BS and spin.

      Those bigoted words ARE what she believes, it's how she was given the job, and how she would rule. I have zero reason to believe otherwise

  5. Becky had an extramarital affair? I think Tonette needs to check her man!

  6. Becky had an extramarital affair? I think Tonette needs to check her man!