Thursday, March 3, 2016

The GOPs Hidden Talents!!!

By Jeff Simpson

We know that the Republicans who are desperate to win the Presidency are debating pretty much weekly.   What we did not know though, is how talented they are!

In case you forgot, Marco Rubio can drink water and the dummy keeps talking.   Amazing!!

We found out even more tonight.  We know that Ted Cruz has a stomach of steel and can eat any color booger on his lip_ even white!!


Finally GOP front runner Donald Trump is apparently a well endowed mutant(according to him)!

I guess that explains why he can keep trading in his younger wife for an even younger version.  Here is a picture of the Donald's current wife Melania!

Then, last and certainly least, John Kasich who after exhaustive research has no special abilities that sets himself apart but does like riding shotgun and breathing fresh air!!

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  1. LOL!! Thanks for the chuckles. I needed them. :)