Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Crazy Cruz


By Jeff Simpson 

Senator Ted Cruz is a Republican Senator from Texas, and running for President.  In Texas, before the primaries, the major papers made their endorsements.  

The people who know Ted Cruz the best, have decided that they would endorse - Anyone but Ted Cruz!!!

Ted Cruz is so hated that even his home state newspapers will endorse anyone but him and what they had to say about him is absolutely embarrassing.
Despite being the only presidential candidate from the Lone Star State, the three major newspapers in Texas refused to endorse the Tea Party Senator, citing his dangerous agenda.
According to the San Antonio Express-News,
“The freshman senator has demonstrated a frightening willingness to push the American economy to the brink of disaster to pursue his ideological agenda — even when he clearly does not have the votes to get his way…The freshman senator’s methodical run for the White House is obviously well-planned, but Cruz’s self-centered approach has thoroughly alienated even his Republican Senate colleagues. And that is obviously a recipe for a weak, unsuccessful administration. He lacks the temperament to be president.

A nice list:

* Ideological
* self-centered
* alienate people
* weak
* unsuccessful

What happens when you get a list of character traits like that?  

Wisconsin Legislators are falling over themselves to endorse you!

Duey Stroebel was the "winner" and gets to run the "Cruz for President" Wisconsin campaign(because its not like he has a taxpayer funded job that takes up his time at all).  

Stroebel, who ran for Congress in 2014 but lost in the Republican primary, said he was impressed with Cruz's stand in Iowa against ethanol subsidies, a move that angered the state's powerful ethanol lobby and led to Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad calling for Cruz's defeat. Cruz won nonetheless.
"He put a dagger in the heart of what is truly an institution to the people of Iowa," Stroebel said. "He has shown he's a stalwart, he's unwavering."
Other Wisconsin lawmakers endorsing Cruz are Reps. André Jacque, Jesse Kremer, Dean Knudson, Adam Neylon, Bob Gannon and David Craig. Stroebel said more would be announced in the weeks leading up to the primary. Cruz was campaigning this week in South Carolina ahead of its primary on Saturday, and he has not announced any Wisconsin stops yet.


  1. Gee, there's a cast of Wisconsin winners, Jeff. That's a list of shame if I've ever read one.

    And I had the "pleasure" of watching Creepy Cruz speak last night, and that is one sick fuck who is sleazier, more dishonest and scarier than Trump. Anyobe who supports that slimeball is a complete SUCKER, or admits themselves to be American Taliban.

    1. You forgot the to mention the Koch brothers in your left-wing tirade!

    2. Truth hurts, kid. You can't say Im wrong, can you?

      Besides, Cruz is more owned by Goldman-Sachs, who gave the Creepster a 7-figure loan in 2012, and employed his wife as an exec for years

  2. I don't see how anyone can hear him speak and not feel like they need to take a shower afterwards. Everything he says reminds me of a well rehearsed huckster televangelist, more so than someone who should be commander-in-chief.

  3. Which on of these Republican golems is really any different from the others? Kasich maybe? Only mildly. They all suffer from the same narcissistic sociopathy that has become the rant of the right these days. They all represent the cliff at the end of the slope.