Monday, March 7, 2016

Vicki Mckenna lied!

By Jeff Simpson

Some old homophobic writings of right wing tool Rebecca Bradley that she wrote as a student at Marquette were uncovered.  

Bradley's true hateful homophobic colors being shown made for a panic on the right.

Her good friend from right wing hate radio, Vicki Mckenna had this to say to try and defend her.

I attended Beloit College when Ms. Pyzinski was there and I can unequivocally say that the Professors at Beloit College in the mid to late 1980's did NOT call vietnam vets "baby killers".    

So before MS. Pyzinski drags the great name of Beloit College down the drain with her in order to keep the Supreme Court packed with partisan cronies, I challenge Ms. Vicki to tell us EXACTLY which professors called Vietnam Vets baby killers.    

While you are at it, please also tell us which Professors encouraged you to "go over the top" because none of mine did.    

Come on Vicki you said it, now back it up.  


  1. I don't take anything extremists say as the truth, especially not those on the far right. The problem with Vicki Mckenna is that she has a radio show, and thousands of weak minded listeners who believe every word she says.

  2. Wolf on back, snake on chest, Vicki all over.

  3. Two words, "judicial temperment." I don't see any in Bradley.

  4. I went to Viterbo University rather than beloit college , and if I had made virulently homophobic public comments like Bradley did, I would have expected to be kicked the hell out. The nuns of perpetual adoration really won’t tolerate virulent homophobes