Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wisconsin Legislature Point/Counterpoint

By Jeff Simpson

First the republicans in the legislature released this

Then Chris Taylor and Gordon hintz released this in response.


  1. I thought that the #1 priority of Walker and the GOP legislature was jobs?

    Sorry, my mistake. That was a promise that Walker made in his first campain for the governors office. As we all should know by now, any promise that Walker makes is only valid for the political term that it is made in.

    The 250,000 job promise is no longer valid because that was a promise for his first campain and since he is in his second term in office that promise is no longer valid and he is no longer required to create any jobs in Wisconsin.

    Walker and the GOP are now free to ruin this state in any way that they see fit. Actually any way that their campain donors tell them to.

  2. So where do we find more people like these two?