Friday, June 17, 2016

Christine Welcher For Wisconsin (32nd District)

By Jeff Simpson

Now that the spring elections are over and the Presidential Primary is winding down, time to focus on the races that truly matter to our everyday lives!   The local ones - Wisconsin Senate and Assembly!

We will try and bring you information on as many of these as we can and the 32nd is just as good a place as any to start!

Christine Welcher is running against Tyler August!  

Christine was inspired to join the revolution and take back our state by listening to Mike McCabe and his Blue Jeans Nation speech about getting the money out of politics!  

That would go a long way to solving many of our problems, but the ONLY way that can possibly happen is with your help.  If we elect people like Christine who runs on this platform, then hold her accountable when she is in...that's how change happens.   If we you think unlimited dark money is ok, then stick with your normal guy(who you probably would not know his name had I not said so) who likes to fear monger about guns.  

Here is a bit more on Christine!

Local Farmer Wants to Bring True Representation Back to Walworth County 

Walworth County resident, Christine Welcher, said she will seek the 32nd District Assembly seat in the November election. Her goals are to strengthen rural communities, revitalize local economies and return true representation to the people of the 32nd District.

"As a farmer, and former small business owner, I understand the issues and struggles of my neighbors. We are tired of career politicians spending time, and taxpayer money, developing and passing legislation that no one has asked for and that doesn’t benefit the people of this state. It’s time for us to shed our political labels and come together, as the hard working men and women we are, in order to take back our democracy. We need a return to a government for the People, by the People and of the People,” said Christine Welcher about her desire to run for Assembly.

Welcher has already begun visiting with people across the 32nd District, listening to their issues and concerns.

“The hard working people of our district are feeling politically homeless and forgotten,” said Welcher. “It would be my honor to give them a voice again. I want to remind them that their voices, and their votes, do matter. Once elected I will listen to my constituents, not out-of-state, private interests and dark money.”

Prior to farming Christine Welcher was in international travel, specializing in customized tours to Scandinavia, for over 10 years and a supervisor for a national retailer. She is currently the Student Program and Gardens Manager at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, WI, where each summer she teaches students from around the world the benefits of small scale agriculture and the importance of financial sustainability.

Please check out her website ( and follow her on Facebook (

Contact: Christine Welcher Welcher for Assembly 608-279-2733

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  1. I've met Christine. She is a great person with a good heart, who wants to bring real representation back to her area. I hope the folks in the 32nd support her.