Friday, June 17, 2016

Republican Operatives Push To Dump Trump, Walker Wants In

Last week, I pointed out that Scott Walker was starting to waffle on his support for Donald T. Rump, the presumptive Republican nominee. I also pointed out that it seemed that Walker was trying to position himself to be the new nominee if all hell broke loose at the Republican convention.

During the past week, Walker continued to act like he was trying to position himself as a presidential candidate again.

During a vacation, er, trade mission in Mexico, smeared all the remaining candidates, saying that Mexican authorities were equally worried about each of them:
Gov. Scott Walker said Mexican officials have raised concerns with him in recent days about the trade policies Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would adopt as president, but didn't consider any one of them a bigger threat than the others.

"In general, they're concerned about trade, and interestingly they're concerned not just about the presumptive Republican nominee, they were concerned about statements made by both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton about trade as well and what impact it might have," the GOP governor said Wednesday in a conference call with reporters.
Yeah, right, sure.

Like the Mexican authorities were just as worried about the Democrats as the guy who called them rapists and drug dealers and wanted to build a wall along the Mexican border and have the Mexicans pay for it.

At the same time, Walker channeled his inner Sarah Palin by blaming the media for his low poll numbers and for the fact that he just sucks:
Gov. Scott Walker says it's the media's fault that people feel bad about the state.

Walker reacted Wednesday to a Marquette University Law School poll showing 50 percent of respondents believe Wisconsin is headed in the wrong direction.

Walker said on a conference call that when he does listening sessions across Wisconsin he hears "good things."

But he says, "headlines are always about negative and bad things so it's no wonder people would feel that way in the polls."

The same poll shows 37 percent think the state budget is in worse shape than a few years ago, while only 31 percent thought it was in better shape. And 29 percent say they think the economy got worse in the past year compared with 25 percent who thought it improved.
To confirm my speculations, a local squawk radio "news" show reported that Walker was now "open" to being named the nominee at the Republican convention if the delegates decide to reject T. Rump, who has been continuously making an ass out of himself, as been sinking in the polls and has been costing the Republican party major corporate sponsors.

On Thursday, CNN reported that there are is a group of Republican sponsors, strategists and operatives looking at the long shot options in trying to dump Trump. What caught my eye is the name of one of the people spearheading this effort:
There is a group of people -- including Eric O'Keefe, a former top fundraiser for Cruz -- that recently formed a group they're calling "Delegates Unbound." They are working on a robust effort to convince delegates that they have the authority and the ability to vote for whomever they want.

A source working with the group told CNN that they are going to try to not only directly communicate with the delegates but also try to raise money to buy TV ads. This source insists the anti-Trump energy is out there among delegates but they just have to coordinate and harness it -- which is no easy task.
Not only is Eric O'Keefe a former top fundraiser for Ted Cruz, but he is the current head of the Koch-funded Wisconsin Club for Growth. O'Keefe is also one of the main subjects in the John Doe investigation between the illegal collaboration between O'Keefe and his group and Scott Walker and his campaign. They already have the emails showing Walker wanting his major donors to send their money to the Wisconsin Club for Growth since there were no limits and they would remain anonymous. WCfG then used that money to help Walker and other Republicans win the recall election.

As CNN reported, it would be extremely unlikely that these operatives would actually be able to oust T. Rump, especially this late in the game. But even if they did, they would be twice-damned fools to replace him with Walker. Walker is such a failure that he barely lasted ten weeks when he was officially running for president. If they tried to pick the popular candidate with this flop, they are just asking for an open rebellion.

Then again, the Republicans have never been known to give a damn about what the voters want.

And if Walker really thinks that he has a chance to win the nomination, much less the presidency, he either crazier and/or dumber than anyone had thought.

On the bright side, we will all be able to laugh at him once again when he fails.


  1. It's interesting the Mexican officials hold the exact same view on our election as Walker...what are the odds?

  2. Can you imagine Walker in a debate with Hillary Clinton? I'm a Sanders man, and I'd still put up good money to see that on a big screen. Bwaahaahaa!

  3. I think that Walker trying to debate Clinton on foreign policy would be very entertaining. She could tie him up in a nice little bow.

  4. He hears good things at his cherry picked listening sessions. I've never been asked to attend. Chicken

  5. He hears good things at his cherry picked listening sessions. I've never been asked to attend. Chicken

  6. But he's unintimidated! He said so himself!

  7. He will always cautiously test the wind before taking a position

  8. Walker must think that most people are dumber than he is.

    If that were the case, that most people were dumber than Scott Walker, it is very good that the wheel was invented a long time ago.