Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Kooyenga Revolt

By Jeff Simpson 

Milwaukee Public Schools appointed takeover Czar Dr. Desmond Means has resigned.   Dr. Means was appointed to the position by education non-expert Chris Abele, thanks to a ridiculous bill authored by Dale Kooyenga.  

This left a lot of people disappointed but not seeing the forest for the trees,  

One of the few remaining columnists worth reading on JSonline - James Causey, even did not quite get it.

He was facing a lot of opposition from MPS, teachers and some parents. There were rallies, marches and forums fighting against any changes. When Means and Abele presented a plan to the district to start to fix failing schools, the district countered with a plan of its own.
It makes you wonder why MPS didn't have a plan earlier.
Means said when he volunteered to help lead a state-mandated school turnaround district, that he would not impose anything on the district.
“It is now clear to me that as implementation of the law moves forward, the environment is not conducive to collaborative partnerships – something essential for positive things to happen in Milwaukee,” he said.

First off, its funny to call for a collaborative effort now when there was none that went into writing the bill.   Legislators from outside Milwaukee decided the best thing for the children of Milwaukee was to takeover their buildings and send the kids to unaccountable for profit ventures.  

Secondly, where Mr. Causey says "makes you wonder why MPS did not have a plan earlier", its because no one asks the School Districts for input, We have ALEC for that.  

Maciver Institute, the not very thoughtful tank, based in WI, was upset about it also.  They tweeted the silly words of the bills author - Dale "too many beers" Kooyenga, and Community Activist Jennifer Epps Addison was more than ready to offer up  A PLAN!

 I am sure epic smackdown will send Dale Kooyenga back to the bar to get drunk again,

There is your plan Mr. Causey!   

Maybe Ms. Epps Addison should be the next takeover czar!  



  1. By God, no one is going to reform Milwaukee schools if union toadies like Jeff Spencer can help it. Us teachers and bureaucrats like the way things are just fine.

  2. You wanna know what the best "reform" for Milwaukee K-12 education is? Reducing the huge amounts of poverty that is ghettoized into the city by suburb trash like Dale Kooyenga and the rest of WisGOP, and the racist policies allowing burbs to leech off the city for decades without having to deal with the downsides to their arrogance and exclusivity.

    One way to start is by allowing a large resettlement of families into areas where there is less poverty. I suggest we begin by moving those folks to Koo-Koo's hometown of Brookfield.

  3. Thank you for the plan, Jennifer. Right on target!!

  4. when you're dead blska, whats to stop me from pissing on your grave?