Saturday, June 4, 2016

Scott Walker Mines Fools Gold


By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker finally sold his house in Wauwatosa, thus allowing him to completely live on the taxpayers dime. Scott Walker moved his parents in to shield himself from protesters during his takeover of the state and recently moved them out.

However, in selling his house in this middle upper class neighborhood, he had to face some harsh realities.  That the Walker economy is not one that is very beneficial for personal financial success and that no one is in a hurry to move into Wisconsin.  

The Walkers, who paid $310,000 for the house in 2007 and sold it for $323.500 recently.  To no ones surprise, Scott Walker could not get the assessed value($359,900) of his house.   The person who buys his house will get the pleasure of paying $8,263 in taxes.  Thank Goodness for Walkers tax cuts or else it would be $8,266.  

He could not even get a rich donor to pony up a a half million to buy his house like a good Republican would, is he falling out of favor with the bosses?

What should we expect though from a person who is economically illiterate as Scott Walker anyway?  Everything he has touched has turned to fool's gold.

As Jud Lounsbury reports in the Progressive, Walker is still drowning in debt:

 However, according to Walker’s most recent Statement of Economic Interests (SEI), filed for the year of 2015, thatstatement wasn’t exactly true.In fact, since the time Walker made the comment that his personal finances were improving, they have actually gotten worse.According to the latest SEI, Walker still owes somewhere between $10,000 and $100,000 in high-interest credit card debt and has three conventional bank loans totaling well over $100,000, but he also added a fourth bank loan to his family:  A Wells Fargo loan that is defined as being between $5,000 and $50K.(Oh, and just for fun, I went back and looked at Walker’s previous pre-2014 SEI and—are you sitting down?—he’s had most of this “temporary” debt, including high interest credit card balances, for years now.)

With Walker's poor personal financial history, and massive personal debt, he would not be able to pass a background check to be hired at a financial institution and yet we trust him with our future?


  1. $36,000 below assessed value? That was a fire sale! Between that and Jud's article showing how broke Walker still is, something's going on there.

    And not really the actions of someone who's going to be sticking around past 2018, does it? I noticed Walker backed off on discussing another term this week.

  2. I'm with Jake, his personal finances need to be investigated, and most likely exposed.

  3. Jeff, what's the point? This is nothing but snark — spiteful, mean-spirited, and stupid. How does that advance the liberal-progressive-socialist narrative?

    1. Scott Walker is a reckless fool who can't even balance his own checkbook, let alone the state's.

      And why is he having a fire sale on his home, WHAAAAA-ska? What's he planning to do next? Doesn't seem like someone who wants to stick around the state any more, does he? So what is he going to do as he walks out the door?

      Given that I help to pay Scotty's $147K salary and his benefits and his pension (a lot more than your triple-dipping ass dies), I tend to care about that.

  4. David you write stuff like this and then come and lecture me about snark that doesnt advance an agenda?

    • The orange T-shirts must be effective; no one was shot in Madison Thursday.


    However it is a very important piece and story. Scott Walker cant handle his own finances, he has been a miserable failure at everything he has done, yet we continue to trust him with our state. Thats unacceptable.

    1. Scott Walker is a miserable failure? Three times elected governor of Wisconsin? Passing a reform agenda! Balancing the budget? Improving the economy? For miserable and failure, you may wish to consult the nearest mirror.

    2. I so wish that were true....three times elected governor yes.... Passing a reform agenda? how about passing archaic legislation that his bosses tell him to!

      Balancing the budget? that makes me laugh.

      Imrpoving the economy? yes nothing like sitting in the forties of all economic indicators (hint there are only 50 states)...

      Im talking results here david

  5. there you are blaska sticking up for a loser. remember losers stick together along with liars. snark that.

  6. Walker is a three time loser with the state's budget, his presidential campaign and his personal finances all deep in the red.

    Walker's personal debt is due in no small part to his legal defense bills.

    Perhaps Blaska will donate his pension to help Walker pay all that off.

  7. Maybe he is finally worried about John Doe and what the out come will be. They have tried to bury the entire story and evidence for years.

    1. Interesting theory, especially when you combine it with Prosser resigning out of the blue right before Archer's lawsuit was laughed out of court and SCOTUS wanted to learn more about the case