Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Myron Bucholz For Peace and Congress

By Jeff Simpson 

Many times when our politicians are talking "boots on the ground" we know they mean our kids NOT theirs(see Bush, Clinton, Walker, etc...).   That is why they can talk tough, laugh off "peaceniks" and bow to their military contractor donors.  
Myron Bucholz however is the exact opposite.   His daughter,  Amanda Buchholz,  a West Point Military Academy graduate and two tour of duty veteran of the Iraq War was recently honorably discharged from the US Army after 11 years!   

Ms. Bucholz explains the importance of having family members at home who have your back and having people at home working to end the war!

" Soldiers deserve someone like my father in Washington DC, " said former Captain Buchholz. " My mom mastered the art of the deployment care package during my 27 months in Baghdad, and my dad wrote me a letter once a week, every week of my 11 years of service. When you're in a war zone 7,000 miles from home, you need to know that back home, someone's got your back. 

Myron Bucholz, is challenging incumbent Ron Kind (D-Free trade deals) in the August 9th primary.   Mr. Kind not only has voted, and adamantly supports every job killing "free trade" deal we have entered into, butr he was also a solid vote for the unnecessary Iraq War.  

As Mr. Bucholz points out:

 " It's generally acknowledged across the world that the war in Iraq was the worst foreign policy mistake America has ever made, ' said Myron Buchholz. " My late wife Janet and I both worked hard for years to bring Amanda, and all of our troops, home. Janet and I demanded many times that Ron Kind renounce his vote for that war and to date he hasn't. 
I'm proud of my daughter Amanda, and I'm proud to have her endorsement. And if I'm elected to congress I'll never vote to send anyone's son or daughter to war unless it's absolutely the last resort. "

This is the perfect election, and the perfect time tp work to change our do nothing Congress.  Let's update our Representative to someone who is NOT a career politician and who will actually represent the people of Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District, in the halls of Congress!  

If you have a couple bucks, or a couple hours to help elect Myron Bucholz, go here!  

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