Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Two Righties Make Two Wrongs

Everyone knows the old saying "Two wrongs don't make a right."

Now we can add a corollary, "Two rights make two wrongs."

Paul Nehlen, who is running against Paul Ryan in the August primary, is very prolific with his press releases, sending one out almost every day.  In Tuesday's edition, Nehlen is accusing Ryan supporters of acting like Trump supporters, or, if you will, typical Republicans:
“When your opponent’s supporters feel the need to vandalize your campaign property, you know you’ve gotten under their skin,” said Paul Nehlen today in response to significant vandalism sustained by his campaign’s Dump Ryan dump truck during a Memorial Day parade in Rochester, WI. Nehlen is the insurgent candidate running to unseat Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.

Painted bright yellow, the GMC dump truck is a part of the Nehlen campaign’s effort to let people know about the many ways Paul Ryan has failed his constituents. It has proven a popular gimmick with the public.

“The truck has really become a mascot for this campaign. People honk when they see the truck going down the road. They like to have their picture taken with it. They even post sightings of it on Facebook and Twitter when they spot it driving down the road. It’s a great conversation starter,” said Nehlen. “We’ve even had those squeeze-type stress relievers made up in the shape of the dump truck. There’s been huge demand for them among our campaign supporters.”

On Monday, while parked in a lot at the U.S. Post Office along the Memorial Day parade route in Rochester in Racine County, one of the truck’s tires was intentionally deflated, some lettering was torn from one side of the vehicle, and duct tape was used to cover large portions of the truck’s message: “To get the dirt on Ryan, go to Trash was also thrown in the bed of the truck.

Campaign staff have filed a case report with the Racine County Sheriff’s Department. The incident has been assigned a case number: 16-3464.

“It’s unfortunate that the truck was damaged,” Nehlen added. “But this campaign is undeterred. In fact, we know now more than ever that we have the Ryan camp worried. We’re pressing on.”
If what Nehlen says is true, these actions should be condemned. It brings politics to the lows being set on a national level with the bloviating Donald Trump and his supporters.

That said, Nehlen's next press release should be an apology to the families and the memories of the fallen soldiers. The parade was to commemorate and honor the brave men and women who gave their very lives for this country.  It is inappropriate to use that occasion to do political campaigning.  It is disgraceful and utterly tasteless.

Perhaps it's time for a second corollary..."Two wrong righties make for a good leftie."

What it means is that unless a person actually approves of the boorish and immature behavior by these Republicans, it's time to look at the progressive candidate, who in this case, is Tom Breu.

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