Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Scott Walker's Flag Day Faux Pas

Scott Walker, who likes to pride himself on having been an Eagle Scout, must not have had gotten his merit badge on the American Flag. On Tuesday, Flag Day, Walker put up this tweet to honor Old Glory:

The problem is the flag has only 48 stars:
All Gov. Scott Walker wanted to do was celebrate Flag Day.

But his first attempt to mark the occasion Tuesday fell flat because the image the Republican posted on Twitter was of an American flag with just 48 stars.

Walker deleted the post within minutes, but screen shots of it circulated across social media.
Maybe Walker has something against Hawaii and Alaska. I could see Hawaii, since that is President Obama's home state, but Alaska? Maybe it reminds him on how Sarah Palin dogged him out and threw her support behind Donald T. Rump.

Sadly, this isn't the Eagle Scout's first flag faux pas either.

Last year, while unofficially campaigning for president, he bragged on how he could fold a flag, just like he learned in the scouts. Except that he was doing it wrong then too.

And this guy wanted to be president? Really?

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  1. I saw it as a not-so-subtle reminder that Wisconsin and Kansas have been removed from the United States without a shot being fired. Certainly citizens of those states now live in a world other Americans would not recognize.