Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Scott Walker's One Liner

By Jeff Simpson

He really did say this with a straight face:

It’s just sad in America that we have such poor choices right now,” Scott Walker said.
 So we’ve got someone who has systematically lied to the American people and in doing so, in some ways has actually put America’s national security at risk,” Walker said. “And someone who at least of late has been saying things that run directly at odds with our core beliefs and principles in this country.

So Scott "college dropout, subject of a recall, owner of a criminal defense fund, whose 6 of his top advisers have been convicted of felonies, who was one of 17 contenders for the GOP nomination and after spending $7 million dollars, and campaigning full time, in 71 days ended up polling 0% in the Republican Primary" Walker is sad that we have poor choices.  



  1. can you get more stupid, blaska?

  2. You wonder if any of these Republicans own mirrors. They definitely lack irony inside the Bubble

  3. Says that AND that he would ACCEPT the VEEP spot.
    It surely is the land of confusion.