Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Scott Walker - Jack of No Trades

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker. in one of his patented invite only chat sessions, where coincidentally, he hears over and over again how great he is, said something so ridiculous recently that once again left everyone scratching their heads!

When asked whether he would encourage a relative with a teaching degree to seek employment in Wisconsin or Minnesota, Walker said Wisconsin.
“They don’t have to wait 20 years to be able to succeed,” Walker said. “If they’re a great teacher and they’ve got great incentive to perform they can get a high-quality teaching job anywhere in the state of Wisconsin and they can get rewarded for that and not have to wait to build years of seniority.”
Walker said school districts can set pay based on performance and hire based on merit.
“It’s about putting the best and the brightest in the classroom,” Walker said. “If someone is an exceptional talent and wants to go into education, they can be rewarded for that.”
When asked whether he thought such incentive-driven salary programs would be a hindrance to allowing school districts to keep quality teachers, Walker compared teaching to being a player in the NFL.
“If the Green Bay Packers pay people to perform and if they perform well on their team, (the Packers) pay them to do that,” Walker said. “They don’t pay them for how many years they’ve been on the football team. They pay them whether or not they help (the Packers) win football games.”
Actually NFL Players, under a strong union and collective bargaining agreement, had to sue to get the right to free agency, which has evolved over the years.     The National Football League Players Association also has negotiated a minimum salary, yearly raises and a salary table based on (wait for it) experience.
Each year the NFL minimum salaries increase by $15,000, up to $450,000 for a rookie in 2016. A player’s minimum salary is determined by his years of experience (YOE), ranging from 0 to 10 or more.

Like the lap dog he is, Kevin Binversie, used his wing nut welfare position to try and cover for Scotty Walker, and like Walker miserably failed

The funny thing is Binversie, used two sources to try and block for Walker but was less effective than Tony Mandarich!  

The first source he used was a WILL report that said post ACT10 things are great in WI and teacher salaries are down an average of $2000 but can not figure out why for the life of them.   .   I guess when you have people with zero education experience writing a report on education, you will get zero use out of it.  

Secondly. and this is the best, KB used an article from to tell us about a teacher's marketplace thanks to Scott Walker and ACT10.  The problem with that, is the people quoted are from the Board of Education I reside on, and no one in the article has said that ACT10 or Scott Walker has been good for public education or teachers.  

With so many veteran teachers leaving the profession and so few collage students entering teaching there is a huge teacher shortage.  This means that it is a teacher shortage for hard to fill positions, like advanced physics and teach ed.   Those teachers are coming in at a premium.  

This article was also written two years ago and the facts on the ground are, we had to ask for and be granted (overwhelmingly) for an additional  $2.6 Million dollars a year from the taxpayers to pay our teachers and keep the doors open and the lights on.

It would help if Kevin Binversie would read the links before using them as a source,

I always like to look for the silver lining though and there is definitely one here.   With Scott Walker showing how clueless he is about the NFL(for a small price of $90 Paul Chryst will help tutor him), I bet he and Trumps Servant (Chris Christie) have quite the stimulating conversations, in the luxury suite at the Packers game!

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