Tuesday, June 14, 2016

City Flag Or Beer Label

Some group calling themselves "Greater Together" decided that they were tired of the City of Milwaukee's flag. So they held a contest to design and select a new flag for the city.  On Tuesday, they revealed the winner:

According to Robert Lenz, the person who created this thing:
The design, titled "Sunrise over the Lake," is meant to symbolize a unified future, Lenz said in a May interview.

The three light blue stripes in the sun's reflection represent the city's three rivers and founding towns. The gold background is a nod to the city's wheat growing and brewing history, and the rising sun above the lake represents a city united.
Fortunately, the flag isn't an official replacement of the old one - at least not yet.

But before the city would consider it, they better run it past their corp counsel first.

Something tells me that the Corona beer company might have something to say about it, considering what their logo looks like:

My other question if, God forbid, the city would adapt this thing as the official city flag, would they change the name of the city to the City of Corona, Wisconsin?

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  1. The proposed new Milwaukee flag also bears a resemblance in shape (but not in color) to the Australian Aboriginal flag.