Friday, June 3, 2016

Paul Ryan's Obedience

By Jeff Simpson 

When people show you who they are, believe them.” Dr. Maya Angelou

Paul Ryan just endorsed this! 

I know Paul Ryan thinks he is making a big statement by delaying his endorsement of Trump. But if you wait an extra hour to eat shit you still have, in fact, eaten shit.

Also some other views of the Submissive Paul Ryan (R-cowardice). 

For all Ryan's talk of wanting to embrace a more open Republican Party that appeals to everybody, by endorsing Trump, he is turning a blind eye to Trump's disgusting record of racism and sexism. Sure, Ryan may argue that he'll choose a different tone than Trump, but at the end of the day, the message has been sent: Bigotry is something that can be tolerated within the GOP by its most prominent leaders. This reality will taint Ryan and the policies he pursues for a long time to come.

Esquire's Charles Pierce on Paul Ryan:

 Biggest. Fake. Ever.

Think Progress points out:

Paul Ryan left a meeting with the nation’s oldest interfaith peace organization, the Fellowship of Reconciliation,  where he promised the group that he would speak out publicly against inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric.  Then went and endorsed Donald Trump! 
The Fellowship of Reconciliation has been one of several groups monitoring the impact of Trump’s rhetoric about not only Muslims and refugees, but Latinos and other people of color. Both they and other human rights groups have observed a spike in threats, harassment, vandalism, and physical violence directly inspired by Trump’s words.
“Words matter, and this narrative of fear and hate has a visceral and dangerous impact,” said Grimes. “We are seeing a quantifiable increase in violent attacks on places of worship and people perceived to be foreign.”
Ryan, who has for the past few years has chastised his own party for driving away people of color, including nothing in his written endorsement of Trump about racial and religious tolerance.

Be on the Lookout for flying pigs!  


  1. what's blaska got to say now?

  2. We must vote ALL the GOP out before it really is too late.