Monday, August 7, 2017

Cog Dis Has Moved!

Just like a young adult leaving their parents' home to spread their wings and soar with the eagles, Cog Dis has moved on.

We have taken our little old blog here and left the comfy environment of blogspot where we didn't pay rent but we also didn't know what are full potential is either, due to the way search engines and the such work.  We moved over to our own doman -

Don't worry, our old address still works, but will only direct you to the new one.  At least for now.

So make sure that when you do your links of love or you're just looking for a fun, educational and informative blog, it's

We also have a new tip line email at  So feel free to drop us a line, even if it's just to tell us how great we are.

The downside to the move is that we now have to pay rent.  Please feel free to cast whatever money you can spare our way to help us keep growing and help me pay all these hungry mouths that I've got working here.  If you can just slip a few bucks in our tip jar, it would be much appreciated.

See ya around!

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