Monday, August 21, 2017

Lyin' Ryan To Finally Almost Hold A Town Hall

One of the talking points that Randy Bryce has been hitting Lyin' Paul Ryan hard with is the fact that Paul Ryan shows a great disdain for his constituents. Bryce said that it's been more than 600 days since Ryan held his last public town hall meeting.

Politifact checked out this claim and found that Bryce was in error. It's been over 650 days since Ryan held a town hall meeting. Given that that article came out a month ago, it means that Ryan is closing in on the two year mark of refusing to meet with the people of his district.

Ryan doesn't understand what the big deal is, though. He's been regularly meeting with the people he represents - the Kochs, the Bradley Foundation, Sheldon Adelson, lobbyists bearing $350 bottles of wine. Y'know, the people that really matter.

Apparently, Ryan's indifference to the people has been hurting him in the polls because he's been busy trying to placate the people without actually holding a town hall. Instead, he's been having phone conferences and "safe" town halls at very controlled sites.

.Yet, Ryan is still worried that this wasn't enough for the great unwashed masses, so tonight, he's almost going to hold his first town hall in nearly two years.

The keyword is almost.

The town hall meeting, if you can call it that, is being hosted by Jack Tapper and CNN.

And it's less of a town hall meeting as it is a reality TV show. CNN is carefully screening people by having them fill out a questionnaire first, asking for things like your occupation and what political party you're a part of. They also want to prescreen the questions that the applicant wants to ask.

Apparently, if you're a Democrat and/or want to ask a challenging question, you don't make the cut. I know of far more people not being allowed to go to this so-called town hall than those permitted into his Liarship's presence. And the number of progressives going so far appears to be able to counted on two hands with some fingers left over.

One of those not being allowed in is Bryce. To make up for this denial to address his US representative, he plans on being heard via an ad during this reality show. That alone should make this debacle worth watching.

Many of the other citizens of that district that are continued to be denied access to their representative are planning on making themselves heard in person, from the outside of the building.

Undoubtedly, Ryan will dismiss these people as "professional protesters bused in from out of state," as he usually does. It's much easier than to face the people or take accountability for his actions.


  1. I will be there across the street carrying my questions on poster board. Not bussed in. Been living in Wisconsin's 1st CD 60 years. His Town Halls, "Listening Sessions" (he talked you listened) were never easily accessible, and he talked like a Dem voted the opposite. Always.

  2. On his listening sessions in Hudson, WI, Walker invites his supporters to be his audience thereby guaranteeing a friendly crowd. Living in fear is a terrible way to live. Ryan must feel the same way since he has refused to meet his constituents for over 650 days, now. If he is doing such a great job, what would he have to fear from his constituents? Quit shrugging, Atlas!

    1. Why would Ryan hold listening sessions in Hudson, WI? That's not in Wisconsin CD #1. Hudson is in Wisconsin CD #7.

      Unless he made an appearance on behalf of CD #7 incumbent Sean Duffy (R), Ryan has no reason to appear in Hudson.