Friday, August 25, 2017

Right Wisconsin Promotes Domestic Terrorism

By Jeff Simpson

Recently, we pointed out that Right Wisconsin, under the new direction of Jimmy Wigderson, has become even whiter!   This was after Wiggy compared Fighting Bob LaFollette (in a cowardly unsigned post) to Robert E Lee and the Confederate traitors.  

Not one to stop at blatant racism, Wiggy took it even further by defending a blatant anti Government hate group.  

Representative Joel Kleefisch posted a picture on Instagram of himself hanging out with a terror watch militia group called the "Three Percenters". many of whom were flashing their white power sign.  

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice went after state Rep. Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc, for speaking to a group of “Three Percenters,” which Bice describes as a “fringe, anti-government group.”

Seems like Wiggy took offense to Dan Bice calling out Kleefisch's party crowd.   Of course, Bice was correct.

The "Three Percenters", were formed by Michael Brian Vanderboegh, an anti govt extremist who also founded the "Sons of Liberty" and has ties to the Oathkeepers.  Michael, lived in Pennsylvania, where he collected disability and used his free time to rail against Gun Control and healthcare for all, before finally succumbing to Cancer in 2016.   If only Mr. Vanderboegh had used some of his free time to study history.

Recently, Jerry Drake Varnell, 23, told undercover agents that he was acting out of a hatred for the U.S. government and an admiration for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy Mc­Veigh, according to the criminal complaint. He also said he agreed with the Three Percenter ideology and was hoping to start the next American revolution.

While Wiggy disputes this claim because the local chapter denounced Varnell, the key phrase he glosses over is "he agreed with the 3% ideology" which led this mentally ill person to plot to blow up a Government building.  

The three percenters also showed up, armed,  to "lend protection" to the group of white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA as shown here:

Why yes that is a patch of the 3 percenter logo blended with the Confederate Flag,   Again, the # percenters denounced the marchers, but that denouncement came when people heard what they were doing.  

The Three Percenters formed an open alliance with the Oath Keepers at the crazy Bundy Ranch standoff.  Jared Miller, who listed the Three Percenters as one of his favorite groups, left the Bundy Ranch, grabbed his wife, went to Las Vegas and shot a couple of cops in the back and draped Gadsden Flags over their dead bodies.   

On their facebook page, they give their mission as standing for "Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution"  unless of course you are not white.  

As what seems to be the main poster on their page, an anonymous poster who thinks he is Frank Castle but is more like Frank Furter, posted this on the page,

NFL, you want to know why your rating are plummeting!? GET A HINT! I only watched a few games last year due to "Kaepernicus". I'm done with the NFL until they stand up against this and prohibit their players from doing this crap anymore!
~Punisher III%

The Punisher better relook up what the word "Freedom" means!

Yes an organization, with a sordid history of violence, anti Government hysteria, ignorance and hatred and of course you have WIggy running to their defense!

Rumor has it that Wiggy recently filled his closet with White Polo's and Khaki's!

Right Wisconsin, getting whiter by the day!   


  1. These groups are always filled with the most unfuckable and hideous looking dudes. No wonder they're angry.

  2. These independent militia groups are seriously dangerous. They "train" and carry better guns and equipment than local cops. They claim they are there to protect everyone but that is job of the local cops, not some random guys with guns. The Three percenters, or as I think of them, Joel Kleefisch's friends, should be outlawed.

  3. The III Inchers and their WP hand sign stand for a White Power Government, in which, their mediocrity is elevated by the State.