Thursday, August 17, 2017

Peter Barca Must Resign!

By Jeff Simpson 

The Wisconsin Assembly today voted to give Foxconn, the Taiwanese Company that made a $148 Billion in profits last year, $3 billion dollars in Wisconsin taxpayer dollars to maybe come here and build a factory.   

Lawmakers passed the legislation authored by Gov. Scott Walker 59-30, after the chamber’s Republicans cheered it as a smart bet for taxpayers with massive upside for the state’s economy and over Democrats’ criticism that the deal is a gigantic gamble with state funds.
The legislation drew “no” votes from two Republicans and “yes” votes from Democrats who represent southeastern Wisconsin where Foxconn wants to build — including Rep. Cory Mason, who is running for mayor of Racine.(edit note:  Peter Barca and Tod Ohnstead also voted  yes). 
 Yes Tod Ohnstead voted for it because its in his backyard so while we all lose he will recoup some of the dollars maybe.   Cory Mason voted for it because he is too scared to go into the race for Mayor, allowing them to use it against him.  Cory Mason is in this fight for Cory Mason, the rest of us are collateral damage for Mason's career ambitions.    

Neither of these votes are remotely surprising.    However the one we need to address is Peter Barca's. 

Peter Barca is the minority "leader" of the Assembly.   Here at CogDis we have called for Mr. Barca to step down from this position and just continue on in his safely gerrymandered seat.

Tonight, Peter Barca showed that he had zero interest in leading the Democrats and with maybe the biggest and most important election in our lifetime in 2018, it is imperative to the future of Wisconsin that Peter Barca give up his leadership role within the party!

Lets take a look a Barca's night.   

  Aug 15
MoreDems offered several changes to Foxconn bill to make it better 4 taxpayers, workers & the environment. None passed.
Ok Mr. Barca recognizes its a bad bill, and tries to make it acceptable to no avail.   

Barca isn't done:

  3 hours ago3 hours agoMore

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, told reporters that Assembly Republicans did everything possible to win Democrats’ support for the measure, but Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, disputed that — saying he “never got that call” to work with Republicans on the package.
Barca proposed moving the bill to a committee tasked with approving financial measures and writing the state’s budget, but Republicans rejected the motion.
Barca, who represents the area in which Foxconn is eyeing to build, argued that “we can come back on a better, stronger deal for the taxpayers, the workers, the small businesses and will protect the environment.”
 Now that is leadership.  Representative Barca was at the forefront of pointing out exactly what was wrong with the bill, working to make it at least semi acceptable and one where the taxpayers do not lose in the end.

Unfortunately,  Barca was not successful in improving or slowing down the bill, so what does he do?

Even so, Barca ended up supporting the bill.

Barca, called it absurd, was lied to(and used as a prop) by Speaker Vos and knows that the environment is in danger with Foxconn and proudly voted YES!     

How do you, as leader of the Democratic party in the Assembly, vote against almost every other member of your caucus?   How do you give cover to Scott Walker and the Assembly Republicans by going along with a taxpayer funded welfare bill to a multi billionaire just to have something to run on in the next election?

We have a Governor who has a long record of economic disasters, who negotiated a deal with a company, that is best known for having suicide nets to keep their workers from killing themselves.   Now after cutting almost $3 billion dollars from our K-Grad public education system, we are handing the same amount over to a company that has a history of taking money and broken promises.    Yet the Democratic troops voted no and their "leader" voted yes.

How can anyone who is an elected Democrat, Democratic party member, donor or volunteer, how can you look at Peter Barca with respect as a leader?  When the Democrats all over the state campaign on the fact that Foxconn has not lived up to any promises yet, the Party of Walker can point out that the Leader of the Democrats voted yes also!    

The only possible way that the Democrats can head into 2018 with a chance to win is to actually head into 2018 with a leader.

Peter Barca must resign his leadership role immediately!

My Recommendations for new Assembly Minority Leader:

1.  Representative Jonathan Brostoff 

2.  Representative Chris Taylor 
3.  Representative Katrina Shankland 
4.  Representative Jimmy Anderson!

Make one of these four the new leader of the Democrats in the Assembly and we will win many seats in 2018!    

Continue on the same course and we will continue getting the same results!

Let Mr. Barca know its time to pass on the leadership of the party!

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  1. I believe Corey Maison is running for Racine mayor

  2. Already called Barca out on FB.

  3. As a resident of Barca's Gerrymandered bit of Racine's 1st CD I am disgusted.
    The quality of life here has diminished over the past 10 years & I am sure if FoxCONn is real, which I doubt, the toxic pollution from the manufacture of LCD panels will finish off SE Wisconsin. Especially when it is coupled with the EX Mayor of Racine taking the resign in July to take the top job with the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, a group representing mayors of 128 Great Lakes cities in the United States and Canada, and immediately dropping their law suit against expanding the great Lakes Basin. So called Dems are loosing validity daily too.

  4. An image like that is disgusting. You should take it down.