Thursday, August 31, 2017

Right Wisconsin's Foggy Eyes

By Jeff Simpson

Right Wisconsin has a post up today about the Supreme Court Race.    It is written by George Mitchell, but might as well be written by a third grader from Mississippi as they both seem to have the same understanding of the WI Supreme Court!

Lets take a look at some of the highlights!

The campaign is likely to be unpleasant. Two announced candidates question the judicial independence and integrity of the Court’s five-member conservative majority. 
Hey George that puts the two announced candidates strictly on the side of pretty much any legal or political observer in the country not on the Bradly payroll.   

But wait there is more!

Whichever candidate reaches the April ballot will be backed by those who helped orchestrate and exploit smear campaigns against former Justice David Presser and Justice Rebecca Bradley. The sole conservative candidate needs to get ready.

I am going to overlook the fact that in a post complaining about politics in the Court, he keeps touting the one Republican Justice running as the only legit candidate.  He even has him penciled in cruising through the primary election and onto the general.  Who needs elections anymore?

What  trumps that is the fact the he claims that David "Ike Turner" Prosser and Rebecca "Homophobic Adulterer" Bradley were both smeared.    I do enjoy the inside joke that they have with Prosser, by calling him David PRESSER!  I assume it is because he has a habit of pressing his hands around women's throats!   

They want a Court that will undo legislative defeats they have experienced since 2010. As the saying goes, they want an “activist” Court.
Sorry George, I know you are not aware very much of what is happening in Wisconsin, but we have an activist court already and they are not only disgraceful, but a running joke amongst pretty much everyone who pays attention.  

This is the latest drama in a decade long saga that, largely through money-fuelled and often nasty judicial elections, has intensified the turn of the Wisconsin Supreme Court from a congenial, moderately liberal institution into a severely divided conservative stronghold. More to the point, the elections have reduced it from one of the nation’s most respected state tribunals into a disgraceful mess.

Congratulations Right Wisconsin, you can always be counted on for a morning chuckle.   Congratulations also to Jamie Wigderson, you actually found people writing for you that are more ridiculous than you!

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