Monday, August 21, 2017

Solidarity Fish Fry - The Stache Edition

Friday night fish fries are a Wisconsin tradition. Lyin' Paul Ryan getting reelected feels like another tradition - a really unfortunate tradition.

But traditions are made to be broken.

So, Saturday night, State Representative Christine Sinicki and yours truly took great pride in hosting the first ever Saturday night fish fry and the first ever #StachSolidarityFishFry.  We hosted this event in order to raise funds who is going to break that most miserable tradition of Ryan getting reelected.

It was a grand event with good food and even better camaraderie. And thanks to Christine, everyone got a special surprise which made the event all the more fun.

Without further ado, here are some pictures from the event.

First, here's Randy addressing the crowd:

And here are some pictures of the attendees showing their support for Randy in a very fun and nontraditional way, thanks to Christine's surprise:

This couple, John and Annie, had their first date at the original Solidarity Fish Fry.  Their love is still going strong.  Randy is not only a hard worker, a champion  of the people, but also moonlights as Cupid:

Your hosts:

Randy's son:

The best picture of the night:

Group photo!

Lastly, in case anyone thought I was kidding about Randy's fondness of tartar sauce...

If you missed this one, don't feel bad.  We're already talking about having another one later on.

Of course, I'll keep you, gentle fish eater, informed.

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