Thursday, August 3, 2017

You Animal You!

By Jeff Simpson

Word came out today that Scott Walker's good friend, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou. had this to say at a company party(no wonder they have suicide nets as standard fare):

"(Foxconn parent company) Hon Hai has a workforce of over one million worldwide and as human beings are also animals, to manage one million animals gives me a headache," Foxconn CEO Terry Gou was quoted saying in 2012 at a company party held at the Taipei Zoo. 

 Speaking of animals.....

but I digress....

Gou, even took the analogy one step further by having a zookeeper give him company management tips.

We at CogDis are once again ahead of the curve ....we found actual footage of the zookeeper who Mr. Gou is taking management tips from!

To be Fair, This Zoo director would be the most competent person in the Walker Administration!


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