Thursday, August 3, 2017

Scott Walkers Deep Discounts

By Jeff Simpson 

While Scott Walker is working hard to hand $3 Billion of our tax dollars,  to a foreign company known for breaking deals and employee suicides, let us not forget what kind of a "businessman" that Mr. Walker is.

In 2014, Governor Walker wrote, had someone write a fictional book for him, which was poorly titled "Unintimidated".   After the initial rush, we found out that he sold a measly 16,000 books, most of which were bought by his PAC - "Friends of Scott Walker".  

At the time, Scott Walker was under the delusion that he could be President of the United States, and was selling autographed copies of his book for $150 each!

As everything Scott Walker plays out the same way - lots of fanfare and BS and no substance.   A favorite saying of mine - Big Wind, lots of dust and no rain.  

I received my second email in a week from the "Friends of Scott Walker" (not sure why it is plural) :

We wanted to make sure you saw this special offer from Governor Walker. Your fellow conservatives are taking advantage of this deal and copies of the governor's book, "Unintimidated: A Governor's Story And A Nation's Challenge" are going fast! 
Act now to secure your signed copy of Governor Walker's book! 
Thank you, 
Team Walker 

Going fast?  

The email, that they wanted to make sure I saw:

We would like to reward YOU for your generous support.

Contribute $50 or more today and we will send you a signed copy of my book, Unintimidated, which details our battle against the Big Government Labor Bosses and the special interests. 

Thank you very much for "rewarding" me with paying $50 for a book I can buy for $2.99 on eBay and one you cant even give away.  

Next thing I know you will be passing legislation allowing foreign corporations to pollute our land and waters to help us, or pass a law forcing a 12% pay cut on the workers of WI, in order to "save" them money!  

The Walker/Wisconsin way....everything is for sale at a third of the price!  

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