Monday, November 17, 2008

Blogging May Be Light Today

As soon as I get home tonight, I will be busy writing to the members of the County Board, urging them to resist the lies and misdirections of Scott Walker and his irresponsible plans to profiteer and launch his gubernatorial campaign off the back of the people of Milwaukee County. After all, look at what happens when the County Board does listen to the County Executive's office without a skeptical eye.

I urge you to do the same. You can find their contact information here.

After that is done, blogging will return to normal (or abnormal, if you'd rather).


  1. I'm pretty sure Tom Ament was a Democrat.

  2. Actually, County Exec is supposed to be non-partisan, but I do see similarities between Ament and Walker. Same beady eyes, same unsatiable greed...