Friday, November 28, 2008

Deer Hunting Terrorists In Waukesha County

What is going on in Wisconsin? It's like a madness.

First, we have deer hunting thugs that are shooting up people's homes.

Now, we have deer hunting terrorists dumping the bodies of their victims in full sight of a day care center. This did not make the little tykes happy, to be sure.

I wonder if there is a correlation between blaze orange and mental illness.


  1. Food culture expert Michael Pollin described hunting (Friday evening with Bill Moyers) as a part of a mix for sustainable healthy protein in our diets. Understanding that most of the whitetails around here are feeding on round-up resistant field corn and other non-organic agri-business commodities for a big part of the year, I am not any more of a fan of wild meat, or fish (mercury content) than feed lot beef or poultry. I have greatly restricted the quantity of all those foodstuffs in my diet. People eating commercial meat in quantities of several pounds per week, I believe are being affected negatively in more ways than just mentally. See the repeat of Bill Moyers interview with M Pollin if you missed Friday evening's show.

    On a different set of evaluative standards, I question the potential negative consequences of feeding venison to the poor that was harvested from chronic wasting disease areas. Doesn't this amount to some kind of human lab-rat medical trial to monitor the health effects of consumption of potentially diseased protein. What adverse future health effects will show up in an population group already challenged in obtaining healthy food. Is it somehow OK to use the poor as test subjects with this meat? I don't think the verdict is in on possible negative human health effects here. I would bet that if this CWD area venison was being "donated," for school lunch supplementation in a white suburban school district, questions about that practice would be raised vehemently and immediately.

    The real problem is not the children seeing where their food comes from, i.e., dead meat across from their day-care center.

  2. On second thought, lack of adequate health care among the poor would most likely preclude any actual study from being done to monitor the potential adverse health effects of this "donated," food on that populace. Adverse health effects would simply be a muddied stealth component in any broader statistical analysis. Who would really care or care to know?