Wednesday, November 26, 2008

7.5% Of State Residents Are Hermits

Via, has issued a press release regarding Brett Favre's falling popularity:
Brett Favre may be having another memorable season -- this time with the New York Jets -- but since he's shed the green-and-gold jersey, No. 4's popularity has plummeted in Wisconsin, a new poll says.

Last December, scientific polling showed Favre with a 73 percent favorable rating -- far ahead of any state politician.

But a poll earlier this month using the same methodology showed his favorable rating had dived to 48 percent.
Now, none of this should really surprise anyone. Favre behaved just as poorly as the Packer management during the whole retire/unretire fiasco that happened this past summer. That was sure to cost him some fans right there.

More fans probably are angry because he is having a great year again, but this time with the New York Jets. Meanwhile, Ted Thompson's Packers are going to be lucky if they hit .500 this year. This is sure to cause some jealousy and hurt feelings. But instead of taking it out on the ones that deserve it, the Packer management in general and Turd Thompson specifically, they just have sour grapes.

The surprising thing are the actual breakdown of stats (emphasis mine):
"Brett Favre" (600 total responses)

Favorable 47.8% (287 responses)
Unfavorable 24.0% (144)
No opinion 20.6% (124)
Never heard of 7.5% (45)
After 16 years of playing with the Packers, including two SuperBowl appearances and one SuperBowl ring, and the years of will he/won't he retire nonsense, and the heavy, and I do mean heavy, media saturation over the summer with the retirement/unretirement/trade to the Jets, how the hell did 7.5% of the people not even hear of Brett Favre?

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