Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hitting Midseason Form

For all of you Ted Thompson/Mike McCarthy/Aaron Rodgers devotees out there...

I just want to point out that the Pack is now 4-5 after a pitiful showing in the HumptyDome. Yeah, yeah, the run defense stunk, but the defense still accounted for 17 of the Pack's 27 points which stemmed from turnovers. I didn't get to see the entire game, but could someone please tell me how the Pack gave up two safeties in such short order? Is the honeymoon now over for Rodgers? Is it time for him to put on his cardigan and tennis shoes and go to make believe land?

Oh, and in case you might not have heard, Brett Favre (remember him? Former Packer. Could've and should've played for us this year) led the New York Jets to a 47-3 trouncing of the Rams, including a 40-0 lead at half-time. And they said that the Jets weren't going anywhere this year. Ha!

As an interesting observation though, the Thompson/McCarthy/Rodgers era is good for the economy. Remember how the stores were empty on Sundays during the game? How everyone was at home, at the game, or at a party cheering the Pack? I was at four stores today, during game time, and each one was packed. With no one sitting around the house or wasting time on the Pack, they are out stimulating the economy. Whodathunk anything good would come out of this after all?

And for the true Favre fans, there is another reason to like him. Brett, Deanna, Brittany and Breleigh are bloggers.


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. Great post.

  2. They gave up two safeties because they have an aging front line that couldn't stop the Vikings pass rush. With Cullen Jenkins on IR, the defense has had a hard time stopping anybody's running game, let alone a player of Adrian Peterson's ability. Look, I like Brett too but this team would be struggling even if he was there. And as far as the Jets beating St. Louis 47-3, well, UW-Whitewater or UW Stevens Point could also beat them 47-3.

  3. As to the safeties: ONE was a result of a very, very, very controversial call by a ref. Even the announcers granted that '...had it been Favre, the shovel-pass would have been allowed...'

    What's frustrating is that the Packers played exceptionally good football last week (although they lost,) and then came back looking like a bunch of HS freshmen this week.

    And it's just silly to intimate that 'Favre coulda done it.' It's possible, of course--but not likely, given the O-Line's haplessness.

  4. The Jet's O-line really isn't any better than the Pack's. And Favre has dealt with a crappy O-line for years and still did OK.

    The one thing that Favre does have that I haven't seen from Rodgers yet is leadership. Even if they were down by a considerable amount, the players always felt that they still had a chance. The team is more lackluster.

    Not that all of that is due to Rodger's leadership skills, or lack there of. Some is just the poor coaching and some of the personnel decisions. I heard someone on the radio compare McCarthy to Ray Rhodes. Couldn't argue a lot.