Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can't You Smell That Smell

JSOnline is reporting that the corpse flower at the museum isn't going to bloom after all. Apparently they didn't provide enough heat and the plant had a fungus.

In an emergency session, the Milwaukee County Board took a vote to put Scott Walker's original 2009 budget proposal behind the plant to give visitors the sense of what the plant would have smelled like, had it bloomed.

Museum curators are against the idea, however. They claim that the plant's odor, which resembles a rotting body, isn't nearly as offensive as the budget, and are afraid that the reek from Walker's budget would make the room impossible to enter.


  1. Who didn't pay the damn heater bill? I blame Walker.

  2. Hey, it bloomed. Way to Walker!!!!

  3. Way to Walker!!!! Darn it. It shopuld be:
    Way to go Walker!!!!

  4. The plant was doing it in response to the budget placed near it. It was trying to be competitive. It still lost.