Thursday, November 13, 2008

There Goes The Neighborhood

I do love it up north. The castle is not too far, about 150 miles, but it is far enough to be able to get away from the city strife and to relax. Even if I am working the entire day doing yard work, repairs, or other jobs that come along with being a home owner, I still feel recharged after being there. That is one of the reasons my wife and I talk about moving there sooner or later.

Unfortunately, the neighbors aren't all that great. I'm not talking the immediate neighbors. I am not talking about the people next door or down the street. They are all wonderful people and we like them all.

No, the neighbors I'm talking about are a little farther out. For the longest time, we had the screwy Posse Comitatus in Tigerton, which is only about 20 miles away. When some of them got busted by the Feds, and the rest fled the area, I thought we could relax.

I thought wrong.

In Shawano, which is not too far from Tigerton at all, we got the the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology, a nutty religious cult who are allegedly tied to threats to some 60 people in the area, including local government officials.

And in Wausau, about 45 miles to the northwest, there is iron-livered hooch swiller. I cannot imagine having a BAC of 0.56% and still be alive, much less concious and moving around.


  1. I have relatives in Marion and Clintonville. Nice area... but too far "up nort" for me personally. I'm still a city boy... and only enjoy going out into the woods (and I do) when I know its not permanent.

  2. We just got to toughen you up, Nick, that's all. ;)