Sunday, November 30, 2008

Green Bay Won't Be Seeing This Any Time Soon

The NFL is going to have a demo of a new 3D technology when they air next week's game between the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers:

Next week the National Football League is broadcasting live in 3D a game between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders to theaters in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. The event, to be held December 4, is a demonstration to show how the technology can be used to provide a more realistic experience in a theater or in the home.

The NFL has invited representatives from consumer electronics companies to view the event in an effort to drum up support. In addition to showing the game on a big 3D screen, the demonstration will include television displays to show what could be possible in people's homes, The Wall Street Journal reported. Some consumer electronics makers have already begun making 3D television sets, mostly to accommodate DVDs that are available in 3D. But the industry is still working on standards for 3D.

Just as live sports entertainment has pushed the adoption of high-definition TVs, it could also help drive standards efforts and adoption of 3D TVs.

Those of us in Packer Nation won't have to worry about getting that any time soon, if the last this season is any indication. After all, why spend all that money for 3D vision when your team plays as flat as the Packers have?


  1. At least there's been no drop off at the quarterback position. I blame the defense.

  2. Their numbers are relatively close, except for win/loss.

    It's the intangibles that are missing. Stuff like leadership and inspiration.

  3. C'mon capper, you're not blaming Aaron Rodgers for the team's terrible defense, are you? The past two weeks the team has put up 29 and 31 points, while the defense has collapsed, surrendering 51 and 35 points, respectively. Last time I checked, Aaron Rodgers didn't play defense.

    The fact is, Aaron Rodgers isn't responsible for this team's won-loss record; the defense is.

  4. No, Aaron doesn't play defense, but neither does Favre. That's where the inspiration part comes from, my friend.

  5. Considering the records of San Diego and Oakland, the Packers could have HAD A CHANCE.
    And yes, while Rogers have played adequately most of the times, he is no Brett Favre. He doesn't have the locker room presense, the respect of the older players and doesn't know how to win.

  6. To be fair, as Zach pointed out, Rogers numbers aren't the worst.

    Although I still think trading Favre was still a mistake, it is in no means the only mistake Thompson has made. We are seeing the results of those poor decisions.

  7. But I think we can say after yesterday's loss, the Packers officially suck.

  8. Ummmnnnhhh...I have 15 HS kids who'd be available for special-teams/Packers....

  9. Capper,

    Because I don't know you personally, I feel a little awkward using your screen name here, but apparently there is little agreement with my thoughts about mass media culpability for the mob mentality so many were bemoaning three days ago with the Black Friday shopping madness.

    Pro sports getting $millions through bailout money recipients such as Citigroup and the promulgation of regional rivalry for mass marketing of booze and generally thoughtless consumerism, along with applauding human violence, and the wink and a nod dismissal of numerous examples of misogyny apparently did not register here.

    Therefore I will have to re-evaluate my thinking about how much truth there was expressed here in the earlier critical concern stated in the Black Friday posts. I guess the, "realism," of the television picture is possibly the only valid thing of importance to this blogger. Sad if true.

  10. dadofone-

    capper is fine to use, since that is my nom de blog.

    Yes, football players, as well as all other professional athletes are tremendously overpaid, especially when one considers those that provide real service to the community, like teachers, police officers, and other civil servants are usually way underpaid.

    But I still like the game, and used to play it when I was a younger, lighter, and healthier man.

    As for the technology, I wasn't bemoaning the fact that it will be elsewhere. I was merely trying to make a joke. Life can't always be so serious, you know.